Disney’s Moana is GOALS!

My blog Eatwithjess is a food, travel and lifestyle blog but I think it was missing a lot of the lifestyle portion. I’m a huge movie and tv buff. #Ihavenolife and I’m pretty damn proud of that. I love learning and enjoying the newest (and oldest) films and tv series. You ask me about what’s happening in Hollywood, today’s pop culture and/or which films and tv shows that are bingeworthy and I will know it and I make it my business to know it. I’m a huge fan of the arts and I appreciate all things about entertainment…in a nutshell: I’m a fanatic of it. Before you read ahead… SPOILERSSSSSSSSS…so please don’t read ahead if you haven’t watched Disney’s Moana or The Walking Dead!

I’m doing a little something different today but I’ve done it before…which you can read about my rant about The Walking Dead (and no….I have not watched another episode since Glenn died. Stop messing with my heart TWD.)

I’m super late to the game but last night after a delicious dinner….I finally bought Disney’s Moana on the iTunes store, poured myself some red wine and was ready to unwind for 1 hr and 48 minutes to this much raved about feel good movie. It was the best use of US$19.99 (HK$156.) Happy pill! Btw: this is not a paid post. I just really felt inspired from the movie!

No other film this year (other than La La Land) has gotten me to smile, tear up, laugh, sit up and not once wonder or check my phone- except to just see how this film unfolds. #TeamDisney

Moana is Disney’s latest massive hit grossing over US$575 million to date. Monster hit. This animated feature stars this adorably mismatched, best friend duo named Moana and Maui as they battle the vast ocean, big giant breathing lava demon as well as their own personal demons (Disney movies are deep.)

It hit home for me when Moana goes to the “village crazy lady” who is actually her grandma (and one of my favorite characters from the movie)Gramma Tala for advice, guidance and just a lot of love. Moana’s life is pretty much set. She’s the chief’s daughter about to take on the responsibilities of a pretty swell, lively and happening island…but something in the back of her head tells her to chase something else. Gramma Tala is the one who pushes Moana to choose that different path.

Let’s just stay here for a bit! Moana’s other duo is none other Maui (a disgraced demigod) who is voiced by no other than… Dwayne Johnson. HE absolutely kills it as the voice of Maui (and pretty much anything he’s in.) Hilarious, confident, SINGSSSSS AND has a heart of gold. *Swoon* Yeah, People Magazine…you got it right with Dwayne Johnson.

The title character Moana is voiced by newcomer Auli’i Cravalho who gives young girls (and older one’s like me) the feeling of hope, being fearless and that feeling that anything is possible if you go out there and chase it. This movie is really goals for anyone. A little reminder to just do it. 🙂

Lin- Manuel Miranda is one of the talented writers of the many catchy original songs from the film. I’m still trying very poorly to sing “How Far I’ll Go.” God. Lin- Manuel Miranda is good….heard of this little show on Broadway called ‘Hamilton?’ Yeah. He created that.

Disney has honestly done it again. They can happily take my money any and every time if they can make me feel all the feels (which they always do.) I’m 27 years old. But when I was watching Disney’s Moana…I was transported back to a time where I believe anything is possible and it’s sad that I’ve become jaded. But thanks to this feel good movie…I’m going to wake up today ready to go and chase my dreams. Anything is possible….so how far will you go?

Lots of <3, Jess