Double D Burgers

Double D Burgers…Maximal Concepts blasts out another F&B ventures, making headlines and grabbing waistlines…but I mean it in a good way. Hey, a splurge every once in a while…is always a GOOD thing. 😉 After a busy morning work day…shooting a big Giordano campaign…coming at ya, reallllly soon! ..We ventured over to Double D’s! Thanks Viv and Maximal Concepts. Was dying to try it.


This Hong Kong Burger is a real thing of beauty. The way, the thick cheese slices melts so perfectly on top the juicy, decadent double double burger. Yes, I decided to go for it. Hey, if you’re going to pig out. PIG OUT.  Look at that beautiful thing. I just wanna cry looking at it. Its so BIG and pretty. I don’t wanna eat it…wait, what am I saying: I DEFINITELY WANNA EAT THIS. We got cheesy fries, that were sadly forgotten (to take a pic of) because we greedily dug into our burger!!!! All yours for $120. If the Double Double is too….aggressive, they also have a Single D Burger at $80, Fish Burgers…and lots and lots of fries. The cheesy fries are $38. But they all have the loaded fries. Need to get that the next time!

And its making my new list: of The Best Burgers in HK! I’ve gone to a few of the newer ones that have been sprouting faster than you can say Double, Double and was just fairly disappointed…sadly was disappointed by their competitors: Burger Circus, but thats in another post…


Nat ordered the carmel milk shake…just look at that beauty…I went with a diet coke! 😉


We also got a dirty double chocolate cookie…for luck. Oh cmmn, my mouth is drooling. I want that burger. I’m eyeing everyone else’s…and then, our beauties arrive in front of our eyes.


Its a well oiled homemade sweet sesame bun sandwiching, special DD secret sauce, all American sharp aged cheddar which somehow perfectly melts on the 100% Australian Grass fed Beef patty, a second layer of cheese, ANOTHER beef patty, homemade pickle, tomato & crunchy iceberg lettuce. My mouth is drooling, onto my keyboard as I type. AH-mazing.


Can I be the spokesperson of Double D? Its as big or if not bigger than my FACE. 🙂 Now, that is a BURGER. Nom Nom, who wants to go back with me!?

Double D Burger, Shop E, G/F, Duke Wellington House, 22 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong,


<3 Always, Jess