Duck you look so good! Country Kitchen in Rosewood Beijing

Duck you look so good! Don’t ya? Yeah. Mouth currently salivating…majorly. Workation in Beijing had to include some bomb ass peking duck. A few of us went to Country Kitchen in the beautiful and sleek Rosewood Beijing. I tried out their brunch spot Bistrot B (post coming soon) earlier for lunch and hadn’t been to Country Kitchen yet so I was reallllllly excited. I’ve heard rave reviews.

The restaurant is spacious and modern (current pop music softly plays throughout the restaurant.) As you walk in- you pass by a bar area, open kitchen (with loads of steaming goodies-steaming away) as well as a grand floor to ceiling stone- walled oven to roast the ducks to perfection.

Glistening peking duck awaited us! But more on this lil’ beaut later…..

Hello G&T! Cute plate settings and decor.

We share everything- starting with this spicy and hot mapo tofu! I loveeeeeeee the juicy minced pork mixed in….My mouth was burning up.

I think the ever popular peking duck needs a few pictures…to do it any justice!!!

Look at our whole duck!!!!!! WOW. Just wow.

Crispy, crunchy perfect skin. It was definitely the perfect amount of crunch and fat. I loooooooved this. The meat was juicy and tender. I don’t know how they did it- but it was damnnnnnnnn good.

Guo tie! Fried dumplings. I loved the presentation and the guo tie was delicious.

Grilled lamb skewers. Tender, juicy and succulent.

I love this dish. It’s my go-to veggie dish (yeah, I know…there’s a lot of minced pork in this! But I love me some stir fry greeeeeen beans.)

Kou Shui Ji (口水鸡). Sichuan chicken in chili oil sauce packed a bit of heat and was a nice starter to our meal.

The desserts were delicious! It was a East meets West mix. A lot of Chinese ingredients into this western brownie bite.

Perfect ending!! This light and healthy tofu dessert was floral, sweet and refreshing.

Country Kitchen at Rosewood Beijing Jing Guang Centre, Hujialou, Chaoyang District,
Beijing, 100020, PRC | T: +86 10 6597 8888

Lots of <3, Jess