Dude, Where’s my Chariot (Club)?

So, before I get into this- I’m on the front page of LIFESTYLE ASIA!!!

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AND ...my Chesa post just got featured on I Love HK 😉 Watch out…world.



Restaurant: Chariot Club

Contact: 3 – 4/F., Melbourne Plaza, 33 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong, TEL: 2521 6271

Average Price per Person: $250-$300


Location: Central, Hong Kong

Must Try List…YUM!:  Char Siu/Chinese BBQ Pork, Deep Fried Australian Oysters

Service: 4 out of 5

Jess’ Overall: 3.5 out of 5

Jess’ Tip: Reserve tables ahead of time, VERY busy!! Great for big parties/family gathering


So the title was inspired by the past week’s sermon at Island ECC! Congrats again Marco and Mandy this weekend on your baptism!!

My member’s only club collection is growing!! 😉 It started with Jockey Club (more posts to come), then American Club (post), Aberdeen Marina Club (post) and now…Chariot Club 馬車會所 !


Post- work (post) one day….I waited anxiously for a feast!!!!

We went to Chariot Club for a feast of gigantic proportions. I’ve recently been eating at some really yummy Chinese food places.


CHAR SIU…Chinese BBQ Pork in a sweet honey marinade! The Char Siu pork belly was moist and savoury on the inside and a perfect caramelized glaze on top! The glaze and flavour had remnants of a 5-spice Chinese sauce …五香粉! SOO GOOD!  Char Siu’s direct translation is “fork burned” meaning how its traditionally prepared- barbecued and skewered over an open fire <3 OMG. One of my FAVOURITE dishes!!! We had TWO PLATES!!!


Boiled Chinese Herbal Pig Lung and Almond Broth…broth was rich, strong and had a subtle almond sweetness to it! Both refreshing and nourishing!


Deep Fried Australian Oysters: The skin was beyond words. SOOOO crispy and crunchy, golden browned-but the amazing thing was the plump oyster was perfectly juicy on the inside!!! YUM!


Baked Soy Sauce Chicken…this traditional soy sauce chicken had the BEST tasting sauce. Sweet soy sauce with both light 生抽 and dark soy sauce 老抽 soy sauce as well as 玫瑰露 really makes this dish pop! Gingers, parsley and scallions also make the aroma amazing!


Green Beens Stir Fry  炒四季豆 w/ mixed Mushrooms and minced Pork: Childhood FAVOURITE dish!! Crunchy green beans blended in with sweet soy sauce and minced mushrooms and minced pork!! 🙂


Lastly….ABALONE 鮑魚!!!! Abalone’s are a prized and expensive Chinese dish. Somehow I just don’t seem to like this seafood as much….It’s basically a large edible sea snails/ sea ears!! OH MY.

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<3 Always, Jess