East Hotel, FEAST and terre d’Oc

I’ve always known of the French beauty and tea brand terre d’Oc – they’re known for their organic skincare, fragrance, makeup and delicious healthy teas. So I was thrilled when they partnered up with FEAST (Food by EAST Hotel) for an afternoon tea set collaboration. So from now until October 31st- Feast will offer a delectable savoury and sweet afternoon tea set inspired by the fragrant flavours of terre d’Oc’s organic and healthy teas at HK$238 for two people (and only an additional HK$165 for another person). I definitely found my new afternoon tea spot!!! That’s reasonable for the quality and amount of food and tea you get.

Guests also receive a special gift card from terre d’Oc as well as a delectable selection of teas to bring home! 🙂 A memorable afternoon tea experience food AND a gift to take home- I am a happy girl.


The afternoon tea set for two is HK$248 is found on the left. The additional afternoon tea set for one is HK$165 is found on your right. An assortment of sweet and savoury dishes were found before us. I was surprised at just how generous they were with their portion.


And what goes the best with afternoon tea? You got it: hot, soothing, and fragrant tea! Thats our take-away present! Sipping on my organic caramel in salt butter black tea as I type.


The top tier has mini pistacio green tea and apricot fruit scones with clotted cream and tiptree english jam. They’re mini and light so you don’t feel like you’re stuffing your self!


The second tier has mini vanilla and caramel black British tea cupcakes, an organic almond green tea macaroon and a Sri Lanka black tea with cinnamon panna cotta! I like the portion isn’t too large- so you don’t feel like you’re blowing your diet. 😉


I’m a big fan of savoury foods- so the last tier was my favourite.


The tea smoked duck breast tasting salad with watermelon, pomegranate, and mint was superb. I loved the smoky Sri Lanka black tea and cinnamon blend for the salad. It was a mix of subtle sweetness and sharp richness from the black tea.


The tea smoked salmon finger sandwich with Anhui red earl grey with bergamot was demolished within seconds. Generous helpings of smoked salmon packed a subtle punch from the Anhui red earl grey tea! The marbled tea egg sandwich was a simple take on your typical egg sandwich. It had a nice mustard mayonnaise spread infused with Indian black tea with spices. Nice!


These puff pastry tarts were with tomato, basil, ricotta, courgette, gorgonzola, honey and walnuts. Nice, simple and refreshing!


Feasting with this little guy and his amazing mommy, Wing at @ iMakeup Workshop!! She always has me covered with gorgeous makeup 🙂 THANK YOU.


I picked the terre d’Oc apricot, linden flowers and strawberry blend. It had a subtle sweetness of apple and lindin flowers. It’s an ideal pairing for a caffeine-free time break!


Great afternoon tea setting! I will be coming back 🙂


Oooooh, which one do you want to try?! For me, tea is definitely a new love. I used to be a big fan of soda, juices and coffee. But I found myself getting sluggish, tired and gaining weight. Now, I love making a morning cup of hot, soothing tea. Its my new morning routine. I love the comforting feeling I get. That one moment where I get to myself to recharge and set my morning straight. Throughout the day I find myself sipping on tea, ordering tea and I feel lighter and more alert than from drinking soda, juices of coffee! Loving it!!

Feast (Food by East) | 1/F, EAST, 29 Taikoo Sing Road, Tai Koo | 3968 3777 


<3 Always, Jess