Easy Sushi at Sen-ryo

Easy Sushi at Sen-ryo. How did I forget to blog about this place? I’ve been close to 7,8,9 times- and each time it fills my all encompassing, never ending Japanese sushi craving. I work out at Pure Fitness in IFC (if you ever see me make sure to say hi!!! Hello Matt, thank you so much for reading-who I just so happen to have bumped into today outside of Pure) so one easy lunch/ dinner option for me is Sen-ryo and I actually get it a lot.

So here’s a post from a scattered amount of time I just managed to get a hold of 🙂


Two types of toro. The Belly & Cheek. Both were lovely. Totally fulfills the toro craving.


The one time I craved a California Roll. Cali Girl at heart.


Salmon Roe Sushi and Japanese Sea Urchin Sushi BEHIND!!!!!!! The sushi rice is a bit much though so make sure you tell them to include less rice.


Mi Amor!!! <3 My love: Sea urchin sushi. The sea urchin quality was terrific. It had the sweet, salty, and signature briny taste that makes uni what it is- so good!


Another batch!!! So the sushi here is nothing spectacular or too wow worthy. But I guarantee you it will satisfy your sushi cravings (and at an affordable price)!!


Making me a VERY happy girl.


Another time…when I saw the sea urchin sushi zoom (okay, slowly) go by. One fun part of Sen-ryo is sitting at the revolving sushi counter!! Pick out what you want to eat and whatever you do not see can be added from the menu.


Trying out a plate of uni. This was very small and tasted somewhat different from the type of sea urchin I like.


Make sure you ask for the sea urchin from Japan!!


Somehow sea urchin always seems to steal the show in my blog posts.


The triple threat. Now this is a type of bomb I like. Toro, salmon roe and uni.


Cooked king crab sushi, with a few assortment of toro sushi!!! <3

Sen-ryo | Shop 3099-3100, 3/F, Tower Two, IFC Mall, 1 Harbour View Street, Central |2234 7633 |


<3 Always, Jess