Eat clean. Train mean. Be Lean

I’m not sure if you heard…but I’m on this lifestyle change. For my body (post), my mind (post), my health (post), my work (post), and my dreams (post). In other words: I’m trying to lose weight. So far, its going pretty well. Thank you for asking. 😉 It’s tough, alright. I’ve allowed myself some cheat treat meals. And, since I started 20 days ago…I’ve lost about 5-7 lbs…. my weight does fluctuate! (Water weight…folks!)

JESS’ RULES TO BE HEALTHY! : I still have a bit under 10 lbs to go… 🙂 So do you all want to join me on this journey!? ;

Eat clean. Train mean. Be Lean….DEFINITELY need to trademark this.


Back in the good ol’ glory days...16 here.. I could devour everything in sight…and not care. However, my good bad ol’ friend METABOLISM…started creeping up……!!!!…Sigh… 😉


1) LIMIT those sweets. Fro-yo (post) dessert of choice….with this cutie pie..Tay Tay will have to be detained…. <3


2) BREAKFAST is super important. Eat It. Have a breakfast routine….Lemons are now a new staple in my diet. A few slices of lemon in my morning cup of hot water makes for a good refreshing morning start! Lemons have strong antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting powers. They are great for revving up the metabolism and they are also awesome at giving your digestive system a head start!


….PROTEIN is a lasting staple. Protein helps keep those hunger pangs at bay- in other words- it helps KEEPS YOU FULL. When you want to lose weight….protein is essential. Eggs (post) (my egg white ratio is 2:1) are low in calories, easy to cook, packed with loads of nutrients and tastes good with EVERYTHING. Slice up some fresh veggies, add some chicken sausage (for even more protein..actually the ingredients are endless)! Top it off with a cup of hot lemon water! PERFECT BREAKFAST COMBO.


I’m not aiming to be crazy thin again….but….


I want to be healthy. Look, feel, and be able to do my job well. 🙂 Take charge. Take action. Eat clean. Train mean. Be Lean…


3) Eat Fish!! Mix it upSeared Salmon with a good for youfatty Avocado, quinoa salad! MY FAVORITE MEAL at Pure Red (post)!!! 🙂 I’m a creature of habit…so when I like something- I REALLY like something…


4) COOK at HOME + Stock up on your veggies! Make your own meals. It saves you money and you know EXACTLY what you are getting. You can control the taste, the sauces, the oils and mainly….the calories!! 🙂


5) Eat Clean, Natural Foods! Mmmmm…. fresh Salads!!! No Limit processed foods (I have a hard time sticking to that rule…so pick low cal snacks like seaweed) Choose from fresh natural foods as often as possible!


An awesome read! How bad do you want it?! 


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Mmmmhmmm….. I would love to hear more from the readers! If you are struggling with your weight, need inspiration, comments, concerns… Please leave me a comment or email me privately at 

Thanks soooo much for reading!! I’m getting record hits…thanks to you all! 🙂 Have an awesome, beautiful and blessed day!!!! START YOUR DAY RIGHT!

<3 Always, Jess