Eat More. Not Less.

FIRST and foremost…Thank you all soooo soooo much for an incredible day!! I reached my highest overall views….in 1 day, that’ll be in a span of 24 hours

I got over 2000 views!!! Woo Hoo.  My previous highest view was my 3 years in HK (post)! Dreams (post) really do come true… 😉


If you are a new reader...WELCOME to my site!! You can find out more about me…RIGHT HERE!!! I want to thank everyone again for all the amazing support, feedback, comments and emails!!! 😀 I super appreciate it!!! And, am working on writing back!! I had so much great response and my highest views thanks to my Eat Clean, Train Mean, Be Lean (post)!

So, next question….What do you want? How bad do you want it? Take Charge of your life. For me, weight loss is tough and its a constant struggle. And, I’m not even talking just about weight loss…you can apply the ‘Take Charge’ mentality to every aspect of your life/goals. If you want something…go out there and get it!!


Jess’ Tip: Ask your family (or those dining out with you) to help you, tell others about your weight loss goals….it does WONDERS.


Thankful and blessed for my supportive family (post)….We’re all super foodies!! We eat out, a lot! But ask those people to help you! Dining out with family, good friends…I’m lucky to have such awesome family…who helps keep my in check! Above pic is from Cafe Too (post).

I received a bunch of emails, comments on weight loss and healthy eating which I will definitely incorporate into my blog. I love food…trust me, I DO, but I want to be better..with my career, my health and my life. Don’t worry. When I’m dining out…I’ll still eat out but remember its all about self control, discipline, learning how to control my portion size and knowing which dishes to pick. (I’m learning still….why not do it together!!??)

JESS’ other TIP of the DAY:  (DO NOT get hungry…Eat More…Not Less...especially on a diet…you may overeat later on or worse..BINGE)….. Here’s an example look at a typical day of healthy, nutritious, yummy eats!!!

*This is an example of a day of good/healthy eating! * GOOD LUCK. YOU CAN DO IT. Eat More….Small/healthier/better for you choices!! 🙂 NOT Less.


1) Breakfast: the MOST important meal of the day…you’ve just spent the past hopefully 8 hours sleeping, thus fasting and your body is in starvation mode…now is the time to eat. Eat well, too. Aim to eat within 1/2 hour to 1 hour of waking up. It’ll help rev up that old’ metabolism.

Above, I have a special breakfast of-Scrambled Eggs (great source of protein- you can use egg whites, to keep the calorie count low/minimal oil), side of organic beets and side salad each with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and black pepper!


2) Perfect Lunch: Homemade- Boiled Veggies...Steam/ Boil….easy, fast, and nutritious.

SNACKS for when you get hungry….


Natural fruits like….Grapes & Cherry Tomatoes make a great snack!


Hard Boiled Eggs! CHEAP, easy, fast…and only 78 calories for an average large egg!!! And over 6 grams of protein!!! SWEET.


 Dinner…Indulge…a little is ok. 🙂 Choose right… I love Japanese food. Sashimi is an excellent option for food!! Fresh slices of juicy, savoury, delicious sashimi at Inagiku (post) makes for a perfect dinner!!!

Eat more quality foods….Not Less…Remember: Everything takes time. Don’t go on any fad diets…just make it a lifestyle change.


Embrace the moment. 


Believe you can and you really are halfway there. Have a beautiful, awesome and super blessed day!!! <3 Loads of love.

<3 Always, Jess