Eat With Jess….in Taiwan ;)

Not so long ago, I journeyed far and wide, long and hard, a lengthy and strenuous hour and forty minutes flight to Taiwan 

Bye HK! Hello Taiwan…Luckily, I made it in one piece! Lived to tell the tale 🙂

Jie (above)  and I went to visit my parents. My dad recently had surgery and thank you everyone for your prayers and care! He is recovering really well! 🙂 And, it was awesome to see my mom and dad! <3 Missed them a ton!

So, what was consumed? Too much…that’s what. A LOT of noodles.. Dan Dan Mian, Beef Noodles, Chicken Noodles..You name it..we ate it 🙂 We ordered a lot of noodles from “Lao Dong“. There was a HUGE food court on the ground floor of the hospital. I kid you not…it was amazing. They had anything and EVERYTHING. Not the best for a gal who’s on a diet *ahem ahem* That gal would be me.

Freshly Made Wontons- Shrimp, Minced Pork, and fresh veggies in a light chicken broth! Light, soothing, HOT, and refreshing!

MY FAVORITE DRINKS!! 🙂 Soya MILK (poking from the back)…I LOVE the 7/11’s in Taiwan. They had a gazillion different brands of soy milk…Soy heaven! It was one of the only times I passed on vitasoy! 🙂 As you know, I’m a rather loyal lady 😉 When I like something…I REALLY like something.

BUT…I had to get Boba Milk Tea! 🙂 I got one practically every day (seriously Taiwan, so bad for my diet). Anyway, I remember the late night studying sessions back at Uni when I would have 1-2 every single day. Those were the days..sigh. Who needs caffeine when you have a extra heaping dose of sugar water, tea and corn starch? 😉 Not me.

Taiwan Street Food!! The sausage man was interesting to say the least….scared me actually, but not enough to scare me from trying one of these babies! Hot, spicy, and juicy!

7/11 food…Ummmm..I actually did not want to try any…hmmmm, somehow this street side snack did not look very appetizing :/

By Day 8…I was CRAVING Japanese 🙂 When I got to the Taiwan airport..I made sure I indulged in my craving. Success.

FINALLY…some Dunkin Donuts. I missed this from the States… A piping HOT Almond Soy Milk 😉 HAHAHAH It was really sweet! Way too much Almond syrup! But nonetheless still a nice treat with…….

DUNKIN DONUTS…GALORE! 🙂 OH MY. Guess which one I picked?! I’ll give you a hint…I’m a big fan of chocolate… 😉

Before I knew it- I was soaring back on the plane overlooking HK and to be honest, I really missed Hong Kong. I can’t believe it’s been over two years since I moved on over and now it just feels like…Home. Time flies. And, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t wait for this new stage. Hope you’ll join me on this journey 😉 Watch out world. I’m coming for you 🙂

<3 Always, Jess