Emack and Bolio’s arrives in Hong Kong

Emack and Bolio’s arrives in Hong Kong ! Hardcore ice cream fans- there’s a new shop to pay attention and chill out to. I’ve heard about the infamous candied cones, with single, double or triple scoop ice cream. Yup, you heard me correctly- TRIPLE SCOOP ICE CREAM CONES!!!!

I had just finished feasting on a heavy Korean feast but we decided to go around 9ish to try out the newly hyped ice cream shop in Central and lo and behold there was STILL a line. I’ve been highly craving ice cream recently!


I went light. I went with a single scoop ($43) of their signature Cookies and Cream marsh “mellow” cone (+$20)!!! This was terrific. That special cone is a MUST try. Love the fruit loops cereal all bunched up by marshmallow!


Welcome to Hong Kong!!!


They also have other sweets to pick from. Their signature is of course the ice cream though!


So many cones to choose from!! Sprinkles, chocolate oreo crisps, chocolate dipped and fruit loop cereal marshmallow cones!!! OMG. I wanted to try them all. Too bad I didn’t have the stomach for it that night. Next time.


Here’s a look at the ice cream menu options! They also have coffee, tea, smoothies, juices and other items. I heard the hot chocolate is pretty good- have any of you guys tried it?


Mmmmm mmmm good. Who doesn’t love ice cream?


And here’s a look at the single scoop of Cookies and cream with chocolate over a chocolate cone (+$15)!

I’ll be back to try the other ice cream flavors and cone! But maybe when the weather gets a bit warmer!! The lines are long…so maybe going during the winter months won’t be such a bad idea. How are you guys going to load up your ice cream cones?

Emack & Bolio’s | 26 Cochrane Street, Central | 2505 6626 |


Lots of <3, Jess