Estee Lauder Luncheon

One morning, Yu Jie and I woke up early and got to the salon to do our hair and makeup. 🙂 Thank you 小白 for my beautiful makeup. And, Kenji at Il Colpo for my terrific hair! 🙂


THANK YOU 小白! Loveeeee my makeup….and hair!! *Kenji*.


Final look for the Estee Lauder Luncheon over at Four Seasons… we went!


Breadsticks to start the meal!! Crispy, crunchy and perfect for my munchies. 😉 *Sorta ryhmes?*


Tasmanian Ocean Trout Tartare, Articoke Dressing and Baby Watercress- It was such a beautiful starter. The tartare was packed with flavor, juicy, and refreshing!


Oven Baked Yellow Pollock, Organic Heirloom Carrots, Carrot Lavander Mousseline- This was my neighbors, Coco’s Pollock!


Mine! Roast Duck Breast, Truffle Creamed Spinach and Glazed Pumpkin– I really liked this. It was rather tender, somewhat chewy and the skin was slightly crispy and delicious to munch on.


Dessert! Coconut Cremeux, Blueberry Sphere and Muscovado Crumble- The dessert was surprisingly good! I’m not the biggest fan of coconut, or desserts outside of the Chocolate family. But this one really blew me away. It was a jello/pudding like texture…that melded in nicely with the bluberry jam sauce and Muscovado (moist brown sugar w/ a strong molasses taste to it ) crumble. Great finish.


When the event was over, it was off to Auntie’s house. And since it was a luncheon- we had a nice afternoon skyping with my very tech savvy and adorable Abu!!!! 😀 Thank you, Skype.


Love you Yu Jie!! Thank you Cissy Jie, Estee Lauder, and everyone for all the support. Rebeck’s for my new, cute jacket!!! 🙂 Twas a great afternoon. 🙂


And, Kisaij. Blessed…so blessed!! 🙂 I LOVEEEEE this drawing. Nailed my leg pose (which btw I need to work on! ;))


🙂 Okay. Lets try that.


🙂 Keep praying.

Have a beautiful and blessed week ahead!! <3

<3 Always, Jess