Fantastic food from Frantzen’s Kitchen in Sheung Wan

Frantzen’s Kitchen is by far one of the best meals I’ve had all year. Seriously, if you haven’t tried it. Do yourselves a favor and head over there. NOW. No, this is not a paid endorsement or a tasting dinner. I’ve tried multiple times to go eat at Frantzen’s Kitchen and have always seemed to run into the same problem- they’re fully booked or only available for a super early or super late dinner option time. Two weeks before the meal- I was finally able to set a normal time (6:30pm) and date for the 4 of us!

Frantzén’s Kitchen is brought to you by Björn Frantzén and Jim Löfdahl (thank you guys) and serves a menu full of delicious Nordic dishes with an Asian twist. The portions are labeled as snacks, dishes and desserts. The dishes and desserts are meant to be shared while the snacks are definitely more bite sized.

I arrived first and was served immediately with Knackerbrod ‘aka’ Crispbreads with homemade brown butter. The brown butter was divine. I’m not sure how they were able to get the butters’ amazing texture and taste but it was great.

Apple- & lingonberry macaron with foie gras parfait HK$55. Sooooo pretty. Look at that great attention to details.

Poached oyster ”63.4C”, frozen goose berries, seaweed powder with walnut & Hernö Gin HK$70. I plopped this in right away. This poached oyster was pretty good- but I loved everything else soooo much more.

Sashimi of Norwegian salmon with king crab, dried dill, crab aspic & trout roe HK$165. Super lovely and refreshing. The trout roe powerfully pops in your mouth- and the salmon sashimi was fresh, tender and flavorful.

Pan- fried Guinea Fowl, butter flavoured with chicken jus & soya, cabbage salad with cooks comb, mushrooms & hazelnut. HK$220. Out of all the main dishes- this was my least favorite. Don’t get me wrong- the guinea fowl was still pretty good- just the other dishes were superb and the guinea fowl was more on the dry side. 

White asparagus with fermented gooseberry sauce, split peas, morels & pine nut. HK$175. This was super!! I wanted to lick up the rest of the sauce but decided to act like a lady this one time. I definitely soaked up my asparagus in this extremely addictive sauce. 

Veal cheeks, cooked for 24 hours with sweetbreads ”Kalv i dill”, creamy sweet & sour sauce with Swedish ättika, dill, glazed carrot & crispy onions HK$245. WOW. The dishes  just get better and BETTER. This veal cheeks were melt in your mouth type of goodness. It was juicy, tender and rich! I LOVEEEEEED it.

Pan-fried Hokkaido scallop burnt bread pudding, beurre noisette, cauliflower x 4, crispy bread & hay ash HK$205. Seriously, look how pretty each dish is….. <3

Roasted Swedish pork belly, carrot ”hot- sauce”, pumpkin & dried kale with roasted garlic HK$195. I love me some pork belly and this did not disappoint. The pork belly was perfectly fatty, juicy and tender. The skin was crispy to perfection. Another winning dish. We debated about the veal cheeks or pork belly being better tasting. In my books….the pork belly takes the cake!

French toast” with winter truffles, balsamico vinegar & aged cheese HK$125. We started with one and ended ordering 3 servings. It was fantastic. The toast was charred to perfection, the truffles were intoxicatingly good and that CHEESE. This is something you have to order when you eat here. This was my favorite thing of the evening. It is a must try and I would come back here just to order multiple servings of this one thing.

Swedish blueberry ice cream, pastry cream with ginger, caramelized honey & almond sponge cake HK$105. It’s actually really interesting and has a bit of a tart-y flavor to the blueberry ice cream.

”Syltkakor” brown butter shortbread with Nordic berries  HK$45. These were goooooood. Super flaky and moist on the inside. We all split the 5th cookie into 4 tiny bite size pieces (that’s how good it was.)

Smoked ice cream, toasted nuts, tar syrup & salted fudge with cloves HK$105. Soooo pretty….and voila…

The hot tar syrup melts it. This was another interesting dessert- just a tad bit too sticky and thick for me!

We ordered all three desserts to try but the shortbread cookies were definitely my favorite.

Loveeeeeed this place. I will definitely be coming back. No doubt about it. Thank you Frantzen’s Kitchen for the amazing dinner experience- worth every dollar.

Frantzen’s Kitchen | 11 Upper Street Station, Sheung Wan, HK | (t:) +852 2559 8508

(Must book in advance- we booked two weeks early for our seats! Only available for dinners-
Tuesday – Saturday, 17.30 – midnight)

Lots of <3, Jess