Fatty Crab


Restaurant: Fatty Crab

Contact: 11-13 Old Bailey Street, Central Hong Kong, Tel: +852 2521 2033

Average Price per Person: $350-$400

Cuisine: Vietnamnese, Thai, Seafood, Singaporean, Fusion, International

Location: Central, Hong Kong

Must Try List…YUM!:  Crispy Pork and Watermelon Salad, Fatty Duck, Fatty Crab

Service: 3 out of 5

Jess’ Overall: 3.5 out of 5

Jess’ Tip: No reservation policy, its fun, loud, and yummy grub! It’s a bit of a hit & miss though- I had a great time, while others have told me they had a great experience. It’s definitely a good place for some fun experience and hearty dishes!


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So, post-work…my grumbling stomach in tow finally had the opportunity to try Fatty Crab! At the edge of SOHO (eats) on Old Bailey Street is New York’s fave Fatty Crab! It opened a few months ago serving diners delicious South East Asian food. I’ve heard mixed reviews of this place. Some people raved about the food, while bashing the service and vice versa… I put my hungry tummy to the test! A and I went around 7:30pm on a Thursday evening (remember theres a no reservations policy just like Yardbird post) and weren’t surprised to see that all the 45- table seats were completely filled. Luckily they were able to seat us instantly at the intimate bar area! The vibe is dark, fun, hip, loud, lively with ghetto chic decor!

The food is separated into Fatty, Skinny, Raw & Sides! Alrighty….


Skinny: Grilled Squash|roasted chili and tomato jaew | $80…It’s not what I had expected….:/ Pretty much just very oily grilled zucchini pieces!


Fatty: Crispy Pork and Watermelon Salad | pork belly, thai basil, ginger-lime dressing | $150. The pork belly was AWESOME! Perfectly crispy on the outside, but moist, tender and juicy on the inside- marinaded with a slightly spicy and hot thai basil and ginger-lime dressing. The watermelon bites helped add a refreshing splash and surprise to the pork belly!


Fatty: Fatty Duck | pickled mustard greens, gula jawa, thai chili, tamaki rice | $200. I’ve heard raves about this fatty duck that melts in your mouth…however, it didn’t do it for me :/ SIGH. The duck was quite dry…. It wasn’t bad by any means! But it didn’t defy my too high expectations for it. The fragrant Japanese Tamaki Rice and sweet, dark house made sauce were really good though.


Fatty: Bacon & Clams| house smoked bacon, curry leaf, yuzu | $160 & Sides: Pullman Toast | $20 THIS I LOVEEEED…the clams were heavenly, juicy, and perfectly seasoned. And the soup broth was rich, strong and slightly spicy! A perfect dipping sauce for the thick sweet pullman toasts!


Fatty: Bacon & Clams| house smoked bacon, curry leaf, yuzu | $160….CLOSE UP of those yummy clams!!!

There were some hits and misses but overall I really liked the atmosphere and fun vibe of Fatty Crab. I’ll definitely be back to try some of the other FATTY dishes 😉

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<3 Always, Jess