Fine Dining at Paste in Bangkok

Fine Dining at Paste in Bangkok was such a lovely experience. We went with the set menu at Paste so we could try all their signature dishes but it will set you back 1900 ++ baht (HKD$423) per person. Considering the terrific food, exceptional service and beautiful ambience- this is definitely a great bang for your buck. Paste is located on the 3rd floor of Gaysorn Plaza and is a beautiful, sleek and modern restaurant serving delectable and refined Thai classic dishes. Read my other ‘Travel with Jess’ Bangkok blog posts about Eat Me Restaurant and the original Issaya Siamese Club in Thailand.


This amuse bouche was terrific. I loved the juicy crab meat over the charred crispy rice cracker. Definitely a great pre-starter before our meal!


The set tasting menu included the Roasted duck, nutmeg, curry paste and sawtooth coriander served on rice crackers which was inspired from a recipe by Snidwongse Cookbook from 1968 AD. I preferred the amuse bouche to this rice cracker entree only because the roasted duck sauce was a bit strong for my liking.


This was superb. Watermelon, ground salmon with crispy shallots, roasted galangal powder and caviar which one one of the unique aristocratic Thai innovations, chosen to be served at the inauguration of the temple of the Emerald Buddha in the year 1809 by King Rama 1. I loved the explosion of the juicy and sweet watermelon pieces mixed in with the savory salmon and crunchy and crispy shallot bits! #Excellent


We wanted to have some oysters so we added an entree of Miang betel leaves of Irish creamy oysters with ginger, roasted coconut, popinac and galangal jam (450 baht) which was inspired from a recipe by Saiyaopa Cookbook from 1935 AD. The oysters were deliciously cooked and beautifully presented but I didn’t really like the galangal jam that it came with- it was interesting but not exactly what I would’ve preferred for a sauce.


Cocktails! This one was super strong and spic-ay!


I loveeeeeed this. Old style hot and soup soup of crispy pork leg, chargrilled shallots, jackfruit seeds, roasted tomatoes with wild coriander in a smoky chicken broth. This dish was decadent, delicious and divine. I loved the juicy and crispy pork leg- plus that soup was addictive, mouthwatering good and packed with an intense amount of flavors!


Northern Chiang Mai salad of fresh water river prawn with roasted banana chili, smoked eshallots, char grilled tomatoes and pink tempt which was inspired from a recipe by M.L Dtiw Chonlamartpitjam 1905-1965 AD. The fresh water river prawn was aromatic, plump and juicy. It was a great dish that complemented the rest of our meal nicely.


We added another curry as well which was soooooo good. These are the moments where I wish I had another stomach. Slow cooked Australian beef cheek with Northern Thai fresh ‘Hang-Lay’ curry paste, pickled garlic, ginger and dry spices (650 baht). The beef cheek was ridiculously soft and tender. Loved the strong, rich and full curry! Definitely packed some heat.


We also added this awesome dessert…Lemongrass and white turmeric panna cotta with som saw and Chiang Mai strawberry ice cream, fresh mango, berries and dragon fruit. Another lovely creation that was every bit as tasty and good as it looked. Paste is definitely worth a try when you’re visiting Bangkok. Check back for more travel posts this year at EatwithJess! Thank you all for reading and Happy 2017!!!!

Paste | 3rd. fl, Gaysorn Shopping Centre 999 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330


Lots of <3, Jess