Fish & Meat

Brought to you by the group Maximal Concepts, the people behind Blue Butcher, Brick House, Double D, Mott 32, and Limewood just to name a few.  Fish & Meat is modern, simple and comforting. The food is lovely, the ambience and decor is simple and warm. As you walk in (its hidden on the other side of Wyndham Place) your greeted by friendly staff, and a very packed bar area- before walking through to the dining area. Theres also a small bustling open kitchen for you to see the dishes being prepared right before your eyes! What do they serve? You got it. A lot of fish. A lot of meats.

My fave…..


Fresh squid ink linguini with sea urchin, salmon roe, roasted garlic and chilli’s. OKAY. Lets pause for a moment and just look at that black beauty. I Loved, no, LOVEEEEEED this. There’s sooooo much sea urchin, salmon roe all mixed in together. Oh man- super decadent, delicious and delectable. I love me some uni pasta.


Sea Urchin Bruschetta with salmon roe, lardo di colonata wrapped over and a dash of rosemary. This was TERRIFIC. Love uni (sea urchin), and this surprised me in all the right ways. It was the perfect balance on top of the crispy bruschetta.

Whole fresh burrata, grilled peaches, basil vinaigrette, and vine tomatoes (located in the back) was very nice and light. All the ingredients tasted really fresh.


Farmed salmon tartare cured with carrot and gin, braised vegetables, corn puree, and a poached egg. I really enjoyed this. There were so many different flavors, textures and they all blended in together perfectly.


Oven roasted Indian Ocean tiger prawns, lardo di colonata, chilli and lemon, this was a nice hot dish. It wasn’t my favorite of the bunch- just a tad too saucy for me. I loved the plump, sweet Tiger prawns though.


Diavola style French baby chicken, pepperoni and apple stuffing, chicken jus


Peter’s Farm Dutch Veal Piccata, capers, parsley, butter, lemon and whipped potatoes


Sides: Roasted Potatoes, Turmerica and truffle roasted cauliflowers too!


Turkey Special, rolled turkey breast, Italian sausage, hazelnuts, sage and turkey leg ragu


Fish and Meat  2/F, 32 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2565 6788