Fish School

Fish School is the brain child of Yenn Wong and Alan Lo (founder of The Press Room group) – the duo are the forces behind iconic restaurants such as 22 Ships, Chachawan, 208, Aberdeen Street SocialDuddell’s & Jia, Hong Kong’s first boutique hotel. Yenn Wong has now teamed up with foodie chef/ mastermind David Lai (the beloved chef behind On Lot 10 and Neighborhood) to create Fish School.

Fish School has been garnering buzz since its opening in October. It’s tucked away on a side alley in the ever expanding foodie area of Sai Ying Pun. Fish School ONLY takes reservations online– so make sure you book early (the reservations fill up fast!) The restaurant is cool, modern with dark undertones and three massive fish tanks. They aim to bring Asian meets Western style cooking with contemporary style tapa dishes and amazingly fresh seafood.


We made an early booking to secure seats a week ahead. I ordered a strong and refreshing low tide bloody mary drink. It’s filled with Ketel 1 Vodka, Clamato, Worcester + Soya Sauce, Chili oil, chives, and white pepper $105. It was so delicious- I had 2!


We started the dinner with a monkfish liver, foie gras presse, aged tangerine peel, and roselle $165. The monkfish liver and foie gras was decadent, rich and HUGE! It comes with sweet and buttery toasted bread- but we couldn’t finish the entire thing (plus, we wanted to save our stomach space for what was to come!) It was just TOOOOOO big- but we definitely enjoyed it!


A second glass of a Low tide bloody mary! Mmmmmm.


WOO HOO! You know I love me some Korean Raw Crabs! Marinated raw crab with sea urchin over rice $185. Perfection. You mix it all in for a strong, savoury and comforting dish. I scooped up every bit of the rice into my mouth. Not one single piece of rice was wasted. 😉


Heirloom Vegetables and herbs garden “gargouillou” $145 was sooooo good! Look at that beautiful variety of fresh veggies, colours, and textures (from mashed, dehydrated to roasted.) So far everything is SOOOOOOO delicious!


Wagyu Tartare, Trout roe, and dry aged beef fat $150. I loved how beautiful each dish was. Just look at that. The beef tartare was strong, rich and juicy.


Look at that- another shot of the wagyu beef tartare, trout roe and the sauce!!! <3


Mantis Shrimp popcorn with cured duck yolk $175. This was perfect. I loooooved the juicy mantis shrimp that was enveloped by a crunchy coating of fried batter and cured duck yolk. LOVE. Must try dish!

I’ll be back FOR SURE to try everything else!!! <3 Fish School is a MUST check out place in my books. One of the hottest restaurants to hit Hong Kong this year!

Fish School 100 Third St, Sai Ying Pun, 2361 2966;


Lots of <3, Jess