Flying high to Santa Barbara for lunch!

It was a beautiful clear day over sunny California! Though the weather was smoldering HOT and sunny. I met up with one of my friends from high school, Mr. Pilot A. Chen. We’ve known each other since 9th grade and to this day I’m lucky to call him one of my closest friends! 🙂 A. Chen is a risk taker. I am not. A. Chen does cool things like fly planes. I do not.

A. Chen and I somehow get along really well. Mostly me living vicariously through his crazy ass life.

So back to my friend A. Chen who is VERY, VERY cool. He has a freaking plane…the really cool part being he has a freaking pilot’s license! After hitting some traffic going towards LA….we decided to hit the sky and beat the traffic along with the 2.5+ hour car ride to Santa Barbara and instead FLY THERE…in under 30 minutes!

It’s my first time flying….in something that’s NOT a commercial plane. On a big commercial plane, I already feel turbulence and freak out. What was I thinking? Okay, I was thinking…adventure!

After a quick pep talk we boarded A. Chen’s plane and hit the air! Our trajectory: Santa Barbara. 

I even managed to take a cool shot of the Hollywood sign. Sigh, you can even read about my adventures in La La Land and my acting life in Cali here.

Pilot A. Chen not being nervous at all….thousands of miles up in the sky. If I did a selfie, you would have seen a very nervous, sweaty and clamped up person.

When we landed in Santa Barbara a quick 30 minutes later…we went to find a Californian/American brunch spot in the city! Finch & Fork it was.

Oysters was a must! Juicy, sweet and plump.

We ordered the Southern Fried Chicken burger…

as well as the Beef Burger.

The food had some hits: the oysters were good and some misses: the beef burger was just okay. The chicken burger was pretty good though.

After the meal we strolled around the main streets of Downtown Santa Barbara.

And then we were back up in the air! This time, I was less frightened and just took in the view. We made a quick stop at Catalina Islands.

Before heading back home. Overall it was such a cool experience. Thank you A. Chen for the flight and letting me be the co-pilot for 5 seconds. Yupppppp!!! ME!!! 😀

Lots of <3, Jess