FoFo by el Willy

In the heart of Lan Kwai Fong at the M88 Building which also has my favorite place for facials- Cosmetic Central. lies a relaxing contemporary Spanish restaurant that just so happens to serve contemporary and traditional Spanish tapas, rich Iberian ham and delicious seafood paella!

Chef Willy Trullas’ (also known as ‘el Willy’) of Shanghai’s wildly successful Bund 22, Spanish restaurant helped bring this restaurant to life.

Residing on the top floor of the M88 building, as you step in…it’s truly a vision in white. Sleek, clean, pristine whites line the entire restaurant giving it a relaxing, elegant, and tranquil dining experience.

I’ve been a few times and I finally got the chance to document it- the girls gathered together for Miss Rebecca’s birthday dinner!!!

Happy birthday Rebecca!

Now comes the food…We ordered a bunch to split among the starving gals!

Mixed Leaves Salad w/ Roast Peppers, Cucumber, Green Asparagus, Organic Tomatoes, Bread Crutons, & Honey Dressing HKD$80– This salad was simple and fresh. The honey dressing was light and melded well with the mixed salad. We were in dire need of vegetables….because…

This was one of the only “veggie” dishes we had.

*Signature Dish* Slow cooked Foie Gras w/ Tomato chili jam, quince paste & orange jelly HKD$140 –Foie gras is a French delicacy made up of a fatty goose liver- it’s very rich, buttery and creamy. The way I think about it is- meat trying to be butter? 🙂 It definitely has a distinctive taste which I don’t particularly like. The birthday girl, on the other hand is a HUGE fan of foie gras… 😀

*Signature Dish* King Crab Salad w/ Green Apple, Pine Nuts & Basil Sorbet HKD$108– Large, hearty chunks of juicy crabmeat took the centerstage of this “salad”. It was hardly a salad…but no complaints from me here.

*Signature Dish* *Signature Dish*”Vieiras” Scallop ceviche, avocado & crispy shallots HKD$98- Moist, succulent and plump scallops with a satisfying crunch from the crispy shallots made this a delightful starter.

Angel & Angie sat across from me! 🙂

Serena & Melody on the other side too…Oh right…we also drank some very lovely white wine sangria!

Sam, Andrea, Me, BIRTHDAY GIRL & Natalie on this side! 😀 Ok ok..back to the food!!

*Signature Dish* Organic eggs cooked at 62 degree in crispy potatoes and onion “nest” w/ chorizio HKD$110- HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE. Everything I like. LOVE. Hot fried, runny egg yolks melded and softens into the crispy potatoes “birds nest”…Crunchy, salty, and spicy chorizo in every bite. The potatoes were delicious..My goodness….its an indulgence- thats for sure.

*Signature Dish* “Gambas al Ajillo” Saute prawns w/ garlic & chili HKD$95. This was my least favorite. Nothing memorable and very oily.

*Signature Dish* Organic Eggs cooked at 63 degrees in Crispy Potatoes & Onions “nest” w/ Foie Gras & Truffle HKD$210. Here we go again…MUST GET THIS “Nest” dish every time!!! I only had a small scoop since I’m not a big fan of foie gras. This dish just becomes too overwhelming.

*Signature Dish* “Montadito de Foie Gras” Pan fried Foie gras with truffle and confit onion HKD$120 -I didn’t try this. But from the looks of how fast it was devoured…I’d say it was pretty darn good.

Oxtail consomme w/ black truffle ravioli HKD$85 Andrea also had this clear broth soup!! Definitely going to try it next time.

*Signature Dish* “Carrillada” Beef Cheek w/ Banana & Passion Fruit Crispy Roll HKD$105 -Beef cheek was tender, saucy, and melted on your tongue. It was delicate, rich and flavorful! The only thing was that it was TOO saucy.

*Fofo’s Special*- Grilled Wagyu Beef..…MMMMM! It was a thick piece of juicy, tender, buttery beef-y goodness. We asked for medium cooked…however mine was more on the rare side. So make sure you ask them to cook it medium well!

Mixed Grilled & Saute Vegetables w/ ‘Romesco Sauce’ HKD$80... We needed veggies (but this was drenched in olive oil) ! Zucchini’s… squash are some of my favorite fall vegetables! 😀

The girls group shot!

Happy Birthday Rebecca! (Sevva birthday cake…It was goooooooood stuff) !! God bless you, dear. <3

Fofo by el Willy

20/F M88, 2-8 Wellington Street,

Central, Hong Kong (2900 2009)

<3 Always, Jess