Fofo X Kin’s Kitchen

FoFo by El Willy and Kin’s Kitchen are collaborating to give diners an opportunity to try a fusion of Spanish and Chinese flavours. Starting from July 17 (Sorry, drafted this post a bit late) to August 17 (but no worries…you still have time!!!). This menu is only open to parties of more than 10 people. So book early, they need 2 days in advance!!! Good place for dining in groups. I’ve been to Fofo by El Willy before...check out my old post!

I went to the Spanish and Chinese crossover tasting event two weeks back! And more awesome…my (READ HER BLOG) sis (Feature Food writer over at Time Out Hong Kong!!! We’re taking over the Hong Kong F&B industry! 😉 I kid) was there too!!!!

SURPRISE!!!!! <3 Love Love Love. 
I was super stoked to be able to go with my sis!! I’m sure there will be many more to come!!! Hi JIE!!! <3
For a special time…until August 17th, Spanish dishes are being coupled with traditional Chinese ingredients at Fofo by El Wily and Chinese dishes are infused with traditional Spanish ingredients at Kins Kitchen!


Sardines Stuffed with Pardon Pepper Fritters, Smoked & Pickled Baby Octopus. I really liked the octopus which was crunchy and tasted just like BBQ. The sardines were just alright for me! It wasn’t my cup of tea…but definitely others really liked it!


Melon Con Jamon, Chinese Style Wintermelon Jelly, Iberico Ham & Melon. From FoFo’s kitchen, I really liked this melon, watermelon jelly! It was really refreshing, light, fruity and sweet. I definitely would come back for more of this!


Hot & Sour Soup Gazpacho Style. This was from Kin’s kitchen- and it was really interesting. Spicy, tangy, sweet, hot and sour all mixed in one. It really perked up my taste buds. It really reminded me of this one juice cleanse drink I had from Be-Juiced (post)!! Which isn’t a bad thing.


Steam Teruel Pork Belly with Piquillos Pepper. This was one of my favourites of the day!! I love Pork. Pork belly especially. The sharp taste of the pepper was perfect with the slowly steamed pork belly. It had the perfect amount of meat and fat. Perfect.


Estofado De Ternera- Slow Cooked Short Ribs with Bitter Gourd, Onions & Bacalhau Paella. This was terrific!! The meat was tender, sweet, soft and juicy. Paella is mainly a Spanish rice dish…mostly made with a mix of seafood. This estofado was with the slow cooked short ribs…and I have to admit..I really liked it. I loved the extra layering of eggs and pop of spring onions!!


CLOSE UP!!!!!! YUMS to the max. Look at the pretty mix of colours, flavours and textures!!


Salpicon De Mariso- Seafood Salad with Tofu, Mayonnaise Foam and Crispy Bread. This was a nice light and refreshing starter!!


And, I was fortunate enough to meet Chef el Willy and other chefs too!! 🙂 Blessed.

 FoFo by El Willy, 20/F M88, 2-8 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong. Tel: 2900 2009

Kin’s Kitchen, 5/F, W Square, 314-324 Hennessy Road,Wan Chai. Tel: 2571 0913

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Have an awesome and blessed day/night!! OFF TO BED…to keep dreaming ;)!!! <3 Thank you sooooo much for reading! <3 Always, Jess