Foxtail & Broomcorn

Foxtail and Broomcorn is Hong Kong’s newest MSG free Noodle Bar! This private and small “no reservations” 28-seat eatery in Sheung Wan is super modern, brightly lit and especially clean with sharp teal, white and silver furnishings around the place. Loved the decor. There’s also a noodle bar which you can perch yourself on and see how the chefs make these Asian, European fusion noodle twists.


“Taipei” fresh Shanghainese noodles, five-spice pork in a “Taiwanese” sauce. $68. These noodles were delicious! I loved the sweet, flavourful sauce and how fragrant it was! I gobbled up bite after bite. Really enjoyed the five-spice pork. MMMM!


A look into the fresh, simple menu!


Spicy Pulled Pork & Cucumber $35. I REALLY enjoyed this. Each pulled pork was nicely seasoned- wanted some more of it! But overall…yum!


The Kansai comes with tofu patties- we were eager to try these tofu patties on their own and they kindly allowed us to order it separately from the noodles. These fried babies were so darn good! I’m normally more of a carnivore- but these were so filling, savoury and tasty! It honestly was delicious! Try it on its own- or get it with the noodles!! YUM


Tokyo, Fresh ramen noodles with Harissa Beef ribs and fresh chicken broth. $78 The ramen came with an Onzen Egg, and really tender beef ribs, loads of cucumbers, spring onions and fried garlic chips. I like how fresh everything is. But again, this was more of a dried noodle- wish they specified a bit more with us! Cause we were craving the good ol’ soupy dishes. It’s great! Winter weather- perfect for these noodles. I’ll definitely be back in the future to try out the other dishes.

Foxtail & Broomcorn, G/F, 84 Jervois Street,  2415 2555,; opens Monday to Saturday from 11:30am to 9:30pm

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<3 Always, Jess