Fun Japanese Fusion at Okra Hong Kong

Okra Hong Kong is brought to you by Chef Max Levy who first established Okra in Beijing before coming to HK a little over a year ago. The space is fun, buzzy and narrow with a few small dining tables and bar counter seats. We went early on a Tuesday night so were able to sit at the bar. We sat at the bar table and Chef Daniel helped whip us a up some delicious Japanese fusion dishes right before our eyes. They also have a special omakase area upstairs.

Smoked Yuzu Jam Baby Back Ribs (with bones) charred and served with pickles, HK$188. These ribs actually came last and was 3 big pieces of scrumptious ribs with a nice hint of smoked yuzu jam sauce drenched atop it. I loveeeeeeeeeee me some ribs and this was fantastic. Only problem was we were extremely full by this point- so I asked to to-go it. Re-heating it the next day still made it great.

This was on their backboard special menu- Smoked Bonito Zuke! I really liked the greens with the crispy garlic chips. The fish was nicely seasoned and fresh too.

Yazu Yellowtail & House Made Yuba w/ garlic and ponzu vinegar, HK$154. This yazu yellowtail sashimi was fresh and fatty. I loved the home made yuba. I initially thought they were noodles- cause they have that taste and texture but yuba is actually tofu skin and it was delicious. I liked the citrusy ponzu vinegar marinade!

Nigari Sai Tofu, Hand made from salt and beans with Okra chilli sauce and marinated cherry tomatoes, HK$98. I liked the flavor and texture of the tofu mixed in with the salt and black beans sauce which made for a nice starter.

A bottle of Kaze no Mori sake. Crisp and clean to go along with our meal. It came out to be around HK$1300 for the two of us.

Okra |110 Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun/ Sheung Wan, Hong Kong | 2806 1038

Lots of <3, Jess