Hong Kong has many different cuisines… But good wholesome, hearty Italian food is definitely hard to come by. Especially for authentic pizza! I once wrote about No. 5 (post)…where I wondered could it be the Best pizza in HK!? Well, now I really might’ve found it…at GIANDO! I’ve been back twice since my initial visit…get ready for some carb-tastic pics!


BREAD Bag! 🙂 Love the assortment of various choices! I went with the fresh breadsticks and crispy crunchy crackers!


Chianti Classico, a bottle for us to wine and dine….


Risotto w/ Shrimps, Crabmeat, Tomatoes & Sweet Peppers Powder $278...This tasted great! The hearty, savoury and absolutely aromatic- there was a strong seafood taste to it. Loved the lightness, sauciness and creaminess of it!


We got a half Parma Ham, Arugula, Parmigiano, Crescenza, and Mozzarella Cheese $238 (thats the one in the back) I really liked how all the pizzas were a top a thin pizza base and thin crust with a crunchy airy and light burst to it! YUM. Loved this cheesy deliciousness of a pizza.

as well a a half Spinach & Five Cheeses (Fontina, Gorgonzola, Parmigiano, Stracchino & Mozzarella $188 pizza!!! THIS by far however was my favourite! I LOVEEEEEEEEEED this. The strong, rich, tangy five cheese mix was- so darn good! I have no words…just try for yourself, esp good for those cheese lovers- like myself!


Black Truffle Paste, Mixed Green Leaves Mascarpone & Mozzarella $258 Pizza. This was just pretty good- but after having the five cheese and spinach pizza…that just sealed the deal!! There is a LOT of black truffles hidden behind that big bed of mixed green leaves.


Giando’s signature Tiramisu...Yummy! Nice, light and refreshing!


 3 scoops of ice cream/gelato and berries! I liked this more! Was feeling more for this cold treat! Definitely very goooood.

Giando, 1/F The Fleet Arcade, 1 Lung King Street Fenwick Pier, Wanchai, HK, 2511 8912

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<3 Always, Jess