Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving weekend is upon us and it makes me nostalgic. As the year is coming to a close..I must say I’m so thankful for…everything. I have so much to be thankful, grateful and appreciative for…and I hope you all feel the same way. We’re all so blessed.

The best support system (Abu & Mami( mothers day post) back home in LA all bundled up last Christmas season)…Home is where the heart is <3 Forever and Ever.

As I’m sitting at the IFC rooftop, sipping on some hot cocoa, listening to some good ol’ Christmas songs….I’m just really thankful for everything. My family(post). My life. My friends. My conversations. My growth. My opportunities. My health. My youth. My freedom. My work. My goals. My dreams… my dreams…

Well put. Mr. Disney. I always knew there was a reason why I was such a Disney geek 🙂 Never give up on your dreams, folks.

Since I was a little girl, I was blessed with so much, too much. When I was younger I wanted to be a 1st grade teacher or nurse., luck and (some may say) fate intervened. Because when…I was 8, well… my goal of playing with children or roaming those hospital halls came to a screeching halt. Instead…lied a very different path. A path that led me to countless acting classes, numerous hours spent in the car shuffling to and fro LA, and too many rejections (but all made worthwhile when I booked that part I was going out for- because with that moment, the call from my agency- that was pure joy). In hopes that one day…I guess you can say, make my dreams a reality. If you want to know more. Come talk to me about it 🙂 I’m willing to share more with you!

An unexpected (I was the tag along that went) open casting call when I was 7 lands me my first role. Destiny had bigger plans for me. Check out my IMDB page 🙂

My first comp card at 10 with my first agency over at Osbrink. I never knew just how lucky I was. (BTW, I have always been a fan of coca cola! Reppin’ it! ;))

Getting to be on Nickelodeon’s ‘iCarly’ as Celine! 🙂 I still remember the exact moment of finding out I got the part…and a lot of screaming & jumping for joy…I don’t kid you. I jumped for joy.

There were so many moments and experiences in LA that I cherish and want to share…but I don’t want to bore you all. So, as one chapter closes…well there’s another one waiting, longing to be written. Two years ago…I moved over to Hong Kong. It has been the most rewarding, life- changing, and hard journey for me, yet. I’ve learned more in the past 2 years than I have in the previous 20 years.

Filming TV commercials in Hong Kong! 🙂 I must say…I’m blessed.

Cafe de Coral TV Commercials (Hey, this is still a food blog ;))

Seeing my face plastered on billboards…I’m not going to lie…Pretty darn cool feeling.

And then…I have a lot of people to thank for these blessings. My auntie (in the pink dress..freaking stunning! AND she’s a grandmother….CRAZY-NESS! Please let me get these genes!!!!) took me in and I lived with her for two years. I truly aspire to be like her.

My jie (or also known as her other various alias’- green polka dotted monster…invading my room/ roomie/ awesome older sister)!! <3 you :DDDD

Yu Jie 🙂 Who is also an older sister. And I get the chance to work with her now- they’ve become my favorite type of work….cause it doesn’t seem like any work. 🙂 There’s too much to say….You know it all already.

And last but not least, my oldest cousin… Cissy Jie. I’ve always admired her gumption, drive, and ambition. When people ask me who I define as a successful person…well your looking at it. Thank you, Cissy Jie…she also gave me the idea to start this food blog!!!

WAIT A MINUTE. One more! My Abu. My grandma. She’s the love of my life 🙂 She actually just left back home :/ But Abu (and my mami) are my 2 driving motivators!!! I loveeeeeee you.

I lied. One final thing… I’m thankful for Starbucks. 😉

I kid you not….nostalgia. I used to love reading, journal-ing, studying, writing, chatting over a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Something about it brings me back home. And now over 2 years have flown by… and I’m really glad to call Hong Kong my home.

I can’t wait for more growth, changes, opportunities, celebrations, tears, joy, laughs, experiences and many many more. Here’s to another new chapter in my life. Like I said, I’m thankful for so much.

Thankful for this beautiful and blessed life.

So, what do you want to give thanks for?

<3 Always, Jess