GNO at La Rambla in IFC

GNO = Girls NIGHT OUT! It’s been a lot time since Viv, Val, Yu Jie and me have caught up. So after doing laser hair removal at Cosmetic Central…I headed over to IFC to meet up with everyone. A few weeks ago we started our night with happy hour at Caprice Bar before settling in for GNO at La Rambla in IFC. La Rambla by Catalunya has taken up the old spot of Isola. The sprawling 5,000 sq feet venue is spacious and inviting. The restaurant seems a lot warmer and brighter than the old Catalunya space in Wan Chai. Most of the familiar Spanish dishes from Catalunya are still there- now revamped with a slight modern twist.

We start our evening with their appetizers of Steak tartare with sea urchin. A classic recipe seasoned with onions, capers, tabasco and Worcestershire, HK$180 with a side of steamed razor clams (in the back) with apple and cucumber marinated in ponzu topped with soy pearls and caviar, HK$200. I have to say the pics are super gram worthy but the appetizers were on the weak side compared to their mains!

We got the truffle, jayon and cheese bikinis, HK$130. Okay, thissssss was delightful. Catalunya’s signature bikinis were still delicious and divine!

La Rambla’s signature dish of the traditional suckling pig “Segovian style”, HK$850 to be shared among 3-4 people. I’m sorry about this pic as we were in a hurry to eat (and it’s also a little sad to look at) but this was sooooo damn good. The skin was crackling and crispy while the inside meat was tender and super moist. This is a must order dish at La Rambla.

A side of green asparagus with truffle mayonnaise for HK$70. This was a nice side veggie dish and the truffle mayo was pretty good.

We also got the large portion red prawn squid ink paella with calamari, clams and 3XL carabineros for HK$650. This was another hit of the night. The squid ink paella was perfection. It stayed true to classic paella flavors and provided an ample mix of fresh seafood. We devoured every single bite.

Baba Au Sake | Lemon curd with fresh raspberries, sparkling sake and lemon ice cream for dessert, HK$95.

Fun GNO with these ones! Thank you Yu Jie for the delicious meal!! In conclusion: we all loved the main dishes (and the killer view) but the appetizers were just alright for us.

La Rambla by Catalunya | 3071-73 level 3, IFC mall, Central, Hong Kong, | (t:) 26611161

Lots of <3, Jess