Going Loco at El Loco Gringo

Going Loco at El Loco Gringo. Under Costelo Concept’s humongous umbrella is El Loco Gringo, a Mexican taquería and bar located on Bonham Road near Mid-Levels. The space is a bit hidden and somewhat inconspicuous. If you’re not looking for it, you might actually miss it. There’s really no signage telling you what or where it is. Once you head downstairs and inside- you can see that it’s actually a really big, super fun and interesting space. I LOVEEEEEE Mexican food and extremely miss it in Hong Kong!


This was interesting? Colorful clothes being hung all around the room. It looks like there’s only the dining area- but walk a bit further behind a corner and lo and behold, a FULL bar awaits for you!! Pretty cool.


Waiting for everyone to arrive. Come on!! I wanna eat.


Chips and Dips with guacamole, pico de gallo, and sour cream $60, these were just okay. The portion was really small and we had to ask to refill the guac and salsa twice.


We ordered the Big Boss Nachos with Ground Beef (but they overheard us saying beans….) So we ended up trying a bit of this one. Not the same….


Comamos!!! “Let’s eat!!!!” We forgot we also already ordered the chips and dips (upper right) so we had a little too much of the chips…. Whoops.


Grilled Corn on Cob drenched in mayo, manchego cheese and chilis HK$35 for one set. (Here’s 2 sets) This was a hit or miss with everyone. I personally LOVED it. I love manchego cheese and this was dripping in creamy cheese- this was ah-mazing!


We ordered a scallop ceviche with cucumbers and pickled cabbage HK$160. I really liked this too. It’s quite small for what you pay for, but super fresh, spicy and flavorful.


Big Boss Nachos with Ground Beef $90 finally came!! These were wildly addictive. Or maybe we were really hungry. We kept going back for more.


Frozen Margarita $60!! I love this stuff…hits the spot, super refreshing and gets you a bit buzzed. 😉


Three Bean Salad: garbazo, pinto, black beans and feta cheese $40. This definitely could have been skipped…..we barely made a dent in it. Yikes.


The tacos. The price listed here and below are all for one piece. Chilean Sea Bass with coleslaw and apricot $55 on the left and Baja Lobster with mango and cucumber $80 on the right. The Lobster was DELICIOUS. The price is quite steep. $80 for one small lobster taco but it packed quite a punch!


Another view of these tacos….


Next was the slow cooked beef ribs $45 on the left, Spit Roast Pork $40 on the front right, and Grilled Chicken $35 on the back right. I had the beef and roast pork. I quite liked the spit roast pork with pineapple and habanero chutney sauce. The slow cooked beef rib tacos were a bit disappointing and slightly dry.

Overall this place was a blast- there were a few hits and misses, but maybe we also ordered wrong! A few of the items we really wanted to try were all not on the menu that day.

El Loco Gringo, 49 Bonham Road, Sai Ying Pun/ Mid Levels |Hong Kong |2858 8833


Lots of <3, Jess