Grand Hyatt Steakhouse

The Grand Hyatt Steakhouse is a decadent steakhouse. To get there you need to go into the lift making the experience ever so more grand. Luxurious big blue velvet curtains hang down surrounding you and the other diners. The upper floor houses two private dining areas (one with a bar, woo hoo! For those who like to get a good drink) and another more open and expansive area filled with dark woods. But I prefer the plush booth areas. Its more private! 🙂 The service is terrific. Smart waiters filling your request before you even knew you asked anything at all. (Mine involved me staining a beautiful white blouse- and before I could even ask for anything- a delightful waiter saw and brought over a giant glass of club soda to help me get rid of my stain! Now thats what I call exceptional service.) Oh….and the food. My, oh my. It is gooooood.

Price wise is well above $1000 per person, but honestly- the service, food and environment is very well worth it. Its perfect for a special occasion. I had a great time!!!


A preview of the feast that awaited us….. Tomahawk steak (huge ass bone in steak), mac & cheese, broccolis (we need some veggies) and the perfect crispy hot truffled shoe string french fries. Okay. Drooling over my keyboard is NOT very attractive.


Now…that M7 Australian tomahawk steak was HUGE. Just look at the bone. It’s bigger than both mine and jie jie’s face! :O


Okay. Totally getting ahead of myself. Lets start at the very beginning. Hot, crisp, crunchy delectable garlic bread is served first. I easily could have eaten them all. But I knew I had to save room for the food. I scarfed one big piece…and immediately knew this was going to count as one of my ‘splurge’ meals. And, I do not mind one bit.


A yummy mojito for me, before I sunk my teeth into my usual bloody mary and some red wine (it goes great with beef.)


Seared Maryland Crabcakes sauce remoulade $320. I’ve had the crabcakes once before here and I remember it being AH-MAZING. Don’t get me wrong, these were still pretty delicious. It was still super plump and full of juicy crab meat- but it was not extraordinary as the time I came before.


1 Dozen Oysters. $680. These oysters were exceptional. We got an assortment of their specials for the evening. I can not explain the freshness and juicyness of these beauties. Oysters are an acquired taste. Some people love them (like myself) while others cant stand them. But good job Grand Hyatt Steakhouse. Very good job.


You guys are just oh so pretty.


Lobster Bisque $220 with cognac for myself! For those of you who know me very well. You know I order this every time I see it on the menu. I love me some lobster bisque. The strong congac mixed into the creamy bisque. Sooooo filling. I can’t believe we haven’t even gotten to the main event yet.

Don’t worry. Its coming up next.


M7 Australian Wagyu Tomahawk Ribeye  for 38 oz/1075 grams at HKD$1,850 <THATS CRAZY. Its USD$250!> (Its for 2….but I think  for 3, or 4 is more than fine too.) This beauty was freaking amazing. Simply put, each cut was perfectly cooked. It had this beautiful brown sear on top leaving a bit of crunch on top and then you slowly sink your teeth into a juicy, tender and plump piece of perfectly pink center. It was just BEAUTIFUL. (Look at that tiny bottle of tabasco next to this BIGGGGGGGGGGGG piece of steak.)


A side of Broccoli’s. We needed the veggies.


Mac & Cheese. Another comfort food I just needed to have. This was just screaming our names. Even though we were beyond full. I’m not mad we got this. Because it was everything I wanted and expected it to be and MORE. Perfect pieces of macaroni pasta filled with oozing, melting and baked layers of different types of cheese.


Truffled shoe string french fries. Oh my gosh. Seriously. These were perfect. Just believe me. Hot, crunchy, crispy and oh so gooooooood.


Sauces, anyone?


The apple crumble. Served with a beautifully creamy and rich vanilla ice cream. I loved the generous amount of crumble to filling ration. The filling were the sweet, soft, and piping hot apples. Add a little bit of the creamy and rich vanilla ice cream. And even though I was full beyond belief. This single dessert (almost) stole the entire show.


This wasn’t even a paid or free tasting! (Don’t worry readers, I would let you know if it was a tasting. And you all know I rarely go to tastings!) We paid for it. LOL It may seem like a plug. But it was JUST that good! I’ll be backkkk for more! 🙂


Grand Hyatt Hong Kong | 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai | t: 852 2588 1234 | Mon-Sun 6-10.30pm

<3 Always, Jess