Gucci Flora

Hey everyone! Here’s my article for Cosmopolitan! Had a blast with this one! Thanks Janice Jann for helping with the styling, shooting of this one 🙂 Check out my article below.

Ever since I was a little girl I was always fascinated with my mom’s extensive perfume collection of beautiful and enchanting fragrances. Now I finally have one of my very own. The Gucci Flora perfume is the perfect fragrance to carry me from day to night.


The Flora pattern and motif is a signature emblem of Gucci and this fashion powerhouse is celebrating the 50th anniversary of this famous pattern. The Gucci Flora perfume is rich and vivid in floral and fruity tones just like a garden but it’s not just made for spring or summer but all year long.

The 50 year anniversary collectors edition bottle opens up with notes of fresh fruits and the original scent of Flora: Rose and Osmanthus. The Flora anniversary blends with other flowers to make it young, vibrant and contemporary. The rose and osmanthus’ complexity creates an almost apricot like freshness and sweetness while laced with delicate soft petals of peonies.


The fragrance is exclusively curated from the very original Gucci Flora fragrance. It encompasses the same energy, spirit and colours of Flora. This 50th year anniversary edition bottle opens up with fruity hints of fresh mandarin oranges, sweet pear and the original Gucci Flora fragrance. It has the energy, spirit, and boldness of Flora. I love the fruity undertones and flowery essence that goes perfect with a peony latte, and these fruity tarts and cakes.


Im busy blogging on my computer, modeling and spending time with my family and friends so when I come home I like to unwind and this scent allows me to feel like that. The Gucci Flora scent is soothing, relaxing yet strong. Perfect again from day to night.


A leathery bow tie finishes the beautiful bottle display. It aids in bringing a cedar wood, musky strength to balance the lovely and feminine perfume.

The Gucci Flora perfume matches perfectly for my busy lifestyle and adds just the right amount of pop to get through my day. It’s bright, light and sensual. I can’t wait to use this beautiful, bright and colorful Gucci Flora perfume again and again.

Lots of <3, Jess