HanBing Korean Dessert Café 韓冰

Harbour City houses many, several, countless of restaurants and after work we hungrily stumbled to find a place to eat. (The places we wanted to go to were all full but we ended up finding this small, bright and clean place for lunch.)

The menu selection is limited. But if you’re a fan of sweets: they have a ton of brick toasts, shaved ice and Korean desserts for you to try! It was lunch time so we ordered some savoury meals snacks instead.


I went for this carblicious carbonara carb-y hot mess. A Korean carbonara. The creamy sauce was fragrant and heavy. Its not authentic Korean food, and I really wanted some more meat or veggies. ITS EXTREMELY CARB HEAVY. It comes with instant noodles and korean rice cakes. This would be great for carb loading.


This is the Korean Toppoki. As you can see- also very carb heavy.


I’ve gotta give credit to this place. The lighting is awesome- lots of natural sunlight makes for great pictures! After doing some research though- I realized we probably should have ordered their speciality desserts- no ones too big of a fan of their toppoki. Whoops. I’ll save that for next time.


The lunch special comes with a drink- citron slushy for me, please! It’ll set you back a bit over HK$100. Its okay, but nothing spectacular.

 HanBing Korean Dessert Café 韓冰 |Harbour City Gateway Arcade | Level 4 | t: 3791 2547



<3 Always, Jess