Harvey Nichols Event, Family & Roka

The cousins and I attended the Harvey Nichols Fashion Show a little while ago…..


Working with these stunners is amazing 🙂


The fashion show was at Pacific Place….after the show we were all starving. So mom, auntie, and the fam bam went to Roka for dinner. (I didn’t capture all the pics…but here’s a look at some of food we ate.


Seared tuna salad. It’s not much a salad or too memorable….but you get the drift. We also had sashimi platters, sushi’s and various other cooked items.


Mmmmmm….Yakitori items…..Perfectly crunchy, crispy and lightly fried chicken cartilage. You have to try it to know what I’m talking about. These mini fried chicken bones are awesome. Roka did a nice job on it! Three Monkeys (post), Torimen (post) and Yardbird (post) all do it quite nicely.


Seared Wagyu Beef Strips….these were GOOD! Very moist, juicy and tender…but with a perfect fatty marbling around.

Roka’s pretty good for Japanese food..but its just alright in my books. The food is a bit more westernized and pricey too. There’s definitely better Sashimi/Sushi joints!




Have a beautiful and blessed day

<3 Always, Jess