Have you heard of Celebrity Cuisine?

So so so…another little family/friend favourite of mine! Apparently a lot of you guys liked my post on How to Order Dim Sum (post) at West Villa! 😉 SO THANK YOU 🙂 I’ll continue posting more about places I love to eat at. So, Celebrity Cuisine is another one of those spots that I frequent quite a bit but don’t seem to have posted about! In the heart of Soho situated on the 1st floor of the Lan Kwai Fang Hotel (don’t be mistaking this place for LKF Hotel) is a hidden gem of a place and a 2 Michelin Star Chinese restaurant. I present you…Celebrity Cuisine | 名人坊 | opened since 2007. This is a compilation of times I’ve taken pics of…I’ve got numerous times.

The interior is warm, clean, intimate, and purple! The staff is always lovely, pleasant  and polite. Reservations are highly recommended since they fill up fast and tables are limited. Its not a big space, they don’t advertise- but they pull in a fully packed room every day.


Lets dig in…That’s CC signature dish! Can you guess what it is?


Complimentary Radish Turnip Cake …..FREE!!! 🙂 I love me my Lor Bo Gao!! <3 So except my excitement. Fresh, hot, very glutinous with the perfect amount of crispness on top.


Steamed Assortment of Meats in a Fluffy Bean Curd Cake $140. I know what you think. The name…is not very scrumptious sounding. But this delightful meat ball (if you will) packs so much flavour, bite, and juice! I couldn’t help popping 3! Its deep fried, but the batter is so light, you really don’t taste too much oil!


 Almond & Pig Lung Soup | was greatly flavoured, tasted so healthy yet well seasoned. Every spoonful had me wishing this bowl was endless. Came out piping hot, milky, creamy and delicious! Close up of that juicy pig lung.


Black Pepper Beef Stir Fry….As much as I crave a mouthwatering steak from the likes of La Vache (post). I crave this dish a 1000 times more! So fragrant, and CC stir fry is WOW. The beef cubes are soft, tender, juicy, succulent and bomb. It’s the perfect amount of seasoning mixed in with black pepper sauce, onions and peppers….So darn good.


Stir-Fried Tripe w/ Red Bean and Chilli Sauce | Don’t knock the looks of this dish. Its spectacular in every way. Flavourful, hearty, chewy, and scrumptious!! There’s a slight spicy kick that packs it in with flavour!


Their birds nest in chicken wings is famous as well as this dish!! This is CC famous 燒乳鴿 | Roast Pigeon |This was very well seasoned, a bit on the oily side. But comes with gloves to help you! The Crispy skin marinate was mouthwatering perfect, encasing the juice from the pigeon meat!! LOVE.


Steamed Egg w/ Crab Meat $220, The steamed egg is velvety smooth, silky and milky. It’s delightful in each spoonful. The succulent and juicy crabmeat leaves a satisfying taste!! LOVEEEEE this dish. My grandma makes a variation to this dish….so when I see it on a Chinese menu. I definitely will order it.


Spinach w/ Crab Meat, Egg Whites and Salty Egg …I took a terrible picture! You cant see the milky salty eggs- but they’re hidden inside there!! This dish came out piping hot! Filled me right up!! So much flavour in each bite.


 Dessert | Egg White & Almond Tea Soup | Just so lightly sweetened, silky, milky ending. And a side of fruit on the house to end the full but oh so satisfying meal.

Celebrity Cuisine | Lan Kwai Fang Hotel | 3 Kau U Fong, Central, Hong Kong |3650 ­0000

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<3 Always, Jess