Healthy lunch at Supafood

Healthy lunch at Supafood! Supafood is from the group behind health food darlings Locofama and Sohofama! The space is small and easy with a lot of foot traffic near the big intersection of Queen’s Road Central (right in between Sheung Wan and Central.) Makes for a great place to get a quick healthy meal on the go. The concept is fun (with a superhero themed mission and all….to reinvent fast food, the healthy way with hearty and healthy salad and rice bowls!)


Organic apple roasted US pasture raised pulled pork shoulder with organic kale, cherry tomatoes, feta, pomegranate seeds, roast pumpkin, red onions, chia seeds and quinoa mix…phew that was a mouthful. Last but not least was a deliciously refreshing apple cider vinaigrette dressing all mixed in, HK$108. I loved how fresh and tasty the salad was. It had a great texture and balance to it. Oooh, I also ordered the Immunity Bouncer which had orange, lemon, ginger and carrot, $48 which was absolutely delicious and refreshing!


For two girls…we packed away a lot! :O An organic Aussie grass fed beef brisket curry $58 with an organic pulled US pasture raised pork with apple sandwich $58. Sooo much food! M also ordered a chicken salad!


The organic pulled US pasture raised pork with apple sandwich, $58 was super juicy! I loved how tender and moist the pulled pork was. It had a great pop of sweetness from the apple slices and packed a nice punch. The baguette was nice, hard and crunchy! I’ll definitely come back for this next time!


This is the organic roasted 81 Day Spanish Chicken with Lemon and pear salad. It had organic kale, cherry tomato, cucumber, avocado, feta, sunflower seed and lentil mix (with red onion, olive, bell pepper, parsley) with a lemon garlic vinaigrette dressing, $98


A last look at my Pulled Pork Shoulder Salad!

Supafood | 1 Jervois St. Sheung Wan | (tel:) 2812 6088


Lots of <3, Jess