Hennessy 250

The name Hennessy is synonymous with luxury cognac. When you think Hennessy, you just think luxe cognac. Little did I know Hennessy celebrated an impressive 250 years in the business as the worlds largest leading Cognac producers. They globally produce well over 40 percent of the worlds Cognac! Impressive. I was honoured to be able to celebrate their 250th birthday this year in the prestigious and in its own right landmark: The Peninsula.


The cream of White Asparagus Soup with Smoked Salmon and Poached quail egg was so savoury and beautiful. The presentation itself was stunning and blended in really well with the light, buttery white asparagus soup with the smokey salmon! LOVE.


Hennessy has long been in the crafting cognac business when it was first founded by Richard Hennessy in 1765! Before I get ahead of myself- thank you: Hair by Johnny Lam @iL Colpo Pacific Place, makeup by iMakeup Workshop for dolling me up and this gorgeous Shanghai Tang dress! 


As I made my way into the Peninsula: the ball rooms area were transformed to show the history of how far Hennessy has come. And, its a lot! Rooms were built to showcase the advertisements and history of the brand.


Guests were able to enjoy the rich, luxe and very strong Cognac.


They had a very impressive layout of the history, founders and CEO’s of this reputable brand!


That earlier glass of cognac had me feeling like I needed some food! Thank god they had these delectable appetizers to keep me company! Uni, sweet shrimp, roe sushi for the win!


They had a very cool presentation to showcase the history….before…..


Lunch was served!! It was beautiful inside. From the flowers, to the simple elegant decor. Everything was beautiful.




The Hennessy 250 Indulgence started with….


A beautiful display of petit fours to bring out the taste of the first cognac out. Crisp chip, scallop, crab sushi and foie gras. All were bite sized and delicious!


King Crab Leg w/ Oscietra Caviar. The plump crab legs were delectable- each with a large sum of caviar. It really brought out the sharp, salty caviar out! Terrific.


Lunches don’t get better than this! Sipping cognac and devouring a stunning meal.


Our main was the Roasted Prime Beef Tenderloin with Foie Gras, Pommes Anna, and Truffle Jus-which was perfection. The tenderloin was perfectly made. Really tender inside and balanced beautifully with the foie gras. I finally started appreciating the foie gras.


Mmm 🙂


Imperial Chocolate Sphere w/ Jasmine Pot de Creme and Orange Sherbet for dessert! The sherbet was so refreshing and light!


Beautiful display of petit fours.


Thanks Mags for having me!! And Chengkits, we need a picture next time too!! Thank you, Hennessy and everyone!!! <3


And, thank you to Natalie!! Great lunch!!! Did not want it to end…. :/ Hahaha Until next time!!


<3 Always, Jess