Hidden Dimsum at Man Mo Cafe

MAN MO Cafe is a small, bright hidden eatery in a small alley way full of Chinese arts and crafts stores and stalls. I was surprised to find such a stylish art gallery/restaurant featuring popular yet modern dim sum specialty dishes. One evening…3 girls ventured over to try the food! Don’t expect your authentic type of dim sum dishes here. Unlike Che’s (post), West Villa (post),  or the delicacies of Shatin’s Jockey Club (post). Instead the food at MAN MO CAFE is more similar to Duddell’s (post).

The food is quite pricey….there were some hit and misses. But overall it was un-bearingly fun with these two girlies! 😀


Lets dig in! 😀


Truffle Brie Dumplings ($85)  for 3 pieces. The prices are more on the steeper side for dumplings… I thought these were quite good. There was some oil, juice, and I’m really QUITE fond of cheese, so I loved the chewy brie, however I don’t think I tasted much of the truffle and I didn’t particularly like the thickness of the wrap.


Soups section: I ordered the Bouillabaisse ($68) per bowl….and I was the only one who ordered this…but was it mighty good!! Thick, creamy yet light, full of seafood flavour. And, I LOVEEEEED everything about it. Hot, healthy and hearty.


Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao ($130).…Okay, I LOVEEE XLB….They make me happy. A light piece of juicy (hopefully meat) filling enveloped in a thin piece of rice wrapping..Whats NOT to like? Except this…was just Ok? I was sad to say I didn’t like this as much either. Sigh. The foie gras and pork filling was pretty good- but a bit too oily.


I did enjoy being silly with this lady though 🙂


Seafood Risotto ($88) So we were recommended this, expecting risotto-but its really more like seafood fried rice?…Hmm, Nothing wrong with that! I do like fried rice. Its pretty good, just dab on some hot sauce!! 🙂 I like it spicy.


V’s turn to goof off with the big spoon! HEHE 🙂 Adorable.


BeefChuckBun ($85) This beef filling was pretty good. Very juicy and tender. Just wish there was more of the filling than the bun!


Nutella Ball ($20) & Bun Tatin ($26)...The nutella bun was terrific!! I loved the outer sesame ball layer and the glorious nutella filling was awesome. The Bun Tatin was pretty good too…a lot of bun! Wished for a bit more filling….We were still slightly hungry…..so I whipped out….


Some PAN DAN CHIFFON CAKE straight from Singapore, thank you!…Perfect sweet ending!

MAN MO CAFE, 40 Upper Lascar Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 2644 5644

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<3 Always, Jess