High Street Grill

High Street Grill is one of the many restaurants situated in the ever expanding Sai Ying Pun hood. With the burrito fave Taco Chaca (post), neighbor La Viola (post) to the very hipster Organic restaurant Locofama (post) and other healthy vegan fave Grassroots Pantry (post), All- American Awakening Cafe (post)...I’m going to have to say Sai Ying Pun is expanding exploding. So many different places are opening and I went to one of them for lunch!

High Street Grill is actually the sister/brother restaurant of Oolaa (post). Both being helmed under Castelo Concepts restaurant group.


$98 per person for lunch!?!? AMAZING. LOL…but we did order other dishes on the a la carte menu like …..


Chicken Wings! These were mini deep fried and super crunchy chicken wings. It had this sweet, tangy Thai sauce dip that was a nice accompaniment!

For the lunch sets…you can choose a soup/salad and your chosen main!


We both went for the creamy pumpkin soup.…that was the soup of the day and was really really good! The soup was hot, delicious and we slurped it right up!


Pan Fried Salmon w/ Brown Rice & citrus salad and creme de la fraiche. I loved the light flavourful pan fried salmon. The fish was actually quite juicy and moist and the light brown rice was fragrant and went well with a bit of the creme de la fraiche! Quite a nice and easy lunch!


Grilled New Zealand Sirloin Steak served w/ potato gratin and buttered haricot w/ red wine jus. I had a bite and the steak was pretty decent….but my hearts gone to this steak….a home cooked steak so tender…moist and delicious…these pictures don’t do it any justice. Hats off to the chef…which is NOT me! But boy, I know what I’m craving these days.


Look at that……AMAZING piece of steak…So darn goood….


And…NOW in a different lighting- a look inside!!! Okay…before I forget…lets get back to lunch!


Chocolate Cake w/ Vanilla Ice Cream, it was more of a brownie? But I didn’t eat it cause I was pretty darn full. But overall, High Street Grill seems to have some decent food! Makes a nice, quick easy lunch.

High Street Grill, G/F, Hang Sing Mansion, 48-78 High St., Sai Ying Pun,  2559-2638

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<3 Always, Jess