Hing Kee

Hing Kee!!! 興記! This is an old post, but definitely a goodie! After an afternoon of shopping and eating with the sis! We ventured into the very famous and busy 興記 establishment! They’re located upstairs in a blink and walk and you’ll miss it type of place. The space was CROWDED….even at 5:40pm…But somehow we managed to snag a table (as long as could vacate the table before 7pm!)


We ordered this refreshing papaya water juice, to help cleanse your palette and to offset the seafood (they’re famous for their seafood as well as…….what we came for……)


The very famous Roasted duck leg in duck soup with flat rice noodle! OMG….


Now lets zoom in….This flavourful soup broth has all the delicious roast duck flavours already infused within. I savoured every bite of the tender and juicy duck leg (making sure I ate every bit of the slightly crunchy skin)…I polished off the smooth and silky flat rice noodles almost as quickly as downing the flavourful soup base!!! We wanted to eat another bowl…I think we DID order another! It was TOOOOOO good.


We thought we pointed at the clams in XO sauce- but when our order came out…we ordered the wrong clams. Not that it was bad! But after slurping that entire bowl of duck noodle soup- no soup base would or could taste that good! This is a HUGEEEEE portion.


Chinese Kale!!!! 😀 We needed some vegetables. 😉


Great sister date!! 😉 Lets go back, jie!!!

Hing Kee, 興記, 1/Floor Bowa House, 180 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui/Jordan, Hong Kong

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<3 Always, Jess