Hokkaido Dairy Farm

Jet lag has got me up VERY early this morning…so I thought I’d blast out a breakfast blog post! For those looking for a quick, easy breakfast…READ now!

One very early morning…and I mean VERY early morning at 7am in cold wintery December 5 girls met up for breakfast. We met up for one last breakfast before my sister went off to work and before Liz flew back to Canada! It’s been one heck of (beginning of) December!  So we ventured to Central for brunch….breakfast (post)!


Liz went with something carbalicious and a bit on the heavier side- the Hokkaido waffle set: waffle with condensed milk & butter. Oh my….The waffle itself is nothing extraordinary but drenched in sugary condensed milk and melted butter makes this crispy waffle decadent, delightful and deadly. HK$27 w/ a coffee or tea!!! SO CHEAP.


My sis wanted to try a bit of the buttered Corn Beef Sandwich. She had a few bites but didn’t seem to like it very much.


My sis went with their Spiced Pork Cubes, Fried Egg and Macaroni Soup…its very similar to the stuff you get in 香港茶餐廳…hot soupy noodles, etc along with coffee for HK$29!! What a steal.


I went with something a bit lighter: their signature 3′ egg sandwich and 3.6 Hokkaido Milk Bread! I’m an Eggs and Bread type of gal ANY day (post)! It was a thick cut of scrambled eggs sandwiched in between two thick pieces of toasted white bread. HK$22! It was pretty good…but I had too high expectations..tasted very ordinary?


After such a hearty breakfast- it was off to run some holiday shopping!! Hope everyone had an excellent Christmas!! 🙂

Hokkaido Dairy Farm, 8 Floor, THE LOOP 33, Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, 威靈頓街33號


<3 Always, Jess