Home Cooked Goodness (Canto Style!)


If you know me…then you know I’m not a very good cook. I will learn 🙂 One day. But for now I’m lucky I have someone to do it for me 😉 introducing ….my personal chef and adorable jie, Janice Jann! <--She's a blogger too!

Pretty Table Decoration
Crispy Snap peas, bits of chicken sausage
Scrambled eggs and sausages!
Fried Goodness- Chicken/Veggie Dumplings
Steamed Siu Mai’s
Perfect, satisfying meal. I like pink 🙂
Alright, so most of this stuff came from a bag…but my sister still steamed/fried it deliciously! Thanks jie!! Can’t wait for more meals cooked from you! 😉 Fine, I’ll cook too…instant noodles, anyone?
So…What’s your favorite home cooked meal? Do you guys cook!?  Share your thoughts and recipes!!

 <3 Always, Jess