Hong Kong Club

Hong Kong Club is one the esteemed ‘members only clubs’ in Hong Kong. Meaning: to eat there you need to go with someone who has a membership. Check out my posts on Hong Kong Jockey Club (post), Aberdeen Marina Club (post), Chariot Club (post), American Club (post) to name a few! I haven’t posted about some other times…only cause I was too hungry and scarfed down my food already!! 😉

Also: I got a Frequently Asked Question from some readers: Do you get comped or paid for your meals?

ANSWER: NO! Unless I specify its a tasting event where the PR or restaurant group invites me to go (which has been under ten times), or for a photoshoot, interview, work. Otherwise hen I pay for the meal myself, or with my family and friends! And I do not get paid for these reviews! It’s just a collection of the places I’ve been and documents of my foodie journey! Alright. Lets get to the food.


I had a busy morning/work day shooting at TVB! Somethings coming soon. I can’t release any other pictures until the episodes are released but here’s a sneak peak! When I wrapped close to 6pm…I was famished!


We gathered at Hong Kong Club for dinner! I didn’t snap pictures of all the food…:/ But here’s a peak at what we ate.


We gorged on the mussels in white wine along with the hot wheat bread and baguette loaf! The mussels were scrumptious. We ordered 4 servings…And, they’re not small portions.


Hearty Mussels in White Wine Sauce | the white wine sauce was delicious. Soak up a piece of baguette bread and dip dip dip. Perfect comfort meal starter. We also ordered fried chicken with fries, assortment of salads, etc. (Not Pictured)


Steak tartar & white toast | The steak tartar was the priciest thing on the menu, but not the tastiest…it lacked flavor. Definitely could have used some salt/seasoning.


Close up shot!


I wanted to pick something light for my main. And, opted for the Crab meat, fresh avocado salad. I really liked it. Plump, meaty, and juicy crab meat pieces mixed in with succulent, creamy and mushy avocado over a nice spring salad mix! YUM. I also scarfed down spring chicken and fries!! But that one was un-documented.. :/ darn my hungry stomach!


The dessert was DIVINE! I absolutely LOVED it. This apple pie tartlet...was paper thin! The picture came out fuzzy…guess I was too much in a rush to eat it. It came out piping hot. With the most moist, buttery and flaky crust like a perfect croissant with thin almond slices. Perfect crispy, crunchy and soft!!


Add in some fresh made vanilla bean ice cream. You got the best dessert. Period!! 🙂

Hong Kong Club | 1 Jackson Road, Central, Hong Kong | 2978 9500

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<3 Always, Jess