Hot New Opening: NUR

NUR(not yet opened to the public…it WILL be in just a few mere days!! WOO HOO) has been causing quite a splash for a few months now. There was a big white plastered board next to Three Monkeys (post) and across from Blue Butcher (post)  which wrote NUR: Nourishing Gastronomy. The food is meant to nourish, delight and replenish you. And the food does all that: the food is fresh, fine and excellently executed.

Be prepared for a big feast- but do not fear! The food…is mind blowing beautiful, delicious and actually leaves you feeling light and not heavy after a meal. NUR currently offers a 6-course “light” menu at $788 per person, and a 9-course “gorge-fest” menu at $988 per person.

NUR will officially open up on Lyndhurst Terrace on APRIL 1st (2 days!!!!!)…and I could not be MORE excited. I’ve been waiting a long time for this crown jewel of a place. So one evening I was lucky enough to go to a private tasting at the development kitchen earlier this month! And after trying the food out, I’m sure this place will be the new buzzed about place…it surprised me in the best sort of way!  Headed by the very talented Chef Nurdin Topham- NUR is sure to be revolutionizing Hong Kong’s restaurant culture. Every dish tells a beautiful story. Every dish is fresh and masterfully crafted. And every chef has so much passion, vision and love for their craft, food and for NUR. Trust me, you need to try this for yourself. Who wants to come back with me!??! 😉


Carrot, fennel & cumin cultured cream. Radish, cultured cream. Ok. We started our night with this delightfully pleasing contrast of bright, fresh pop of colours. The cute mini radish tasted crunchy, semi- sweet and just with the right amount of kick from the creamy cultured cream. The simple carrot sticks on the other hand were absolutely perfect. One of the most delightful surprises! So simple, but so tasty. With just a sprinkle of cumin, the carrots natural sweetness pours out! And its sweet, flavourful and almost with the texture of a perfect sweet potato! LOVED this.


Beetroot taco, watercress | Crisp beetroot taco wafer, beetroot chutney, watercress emulsion | Mmmmm… the watercress foam was amazing! Such an interesting taste- its foamy in the center and the crunchy beetroot taco shell has a very crispy, chip- like feel to it! It was a great contrast of different flavours and textures. Blew me away!! Could pop these away all night long!!


Cucumber pickled in 8-day home-fermented Jasmine kombucha, asian pear, roselle and mint | Okay, before we begin. This tiny little shot of kombucha steals the show! I was absolutely blown away by the sharp, fruity and spicy surprise. It’s refreshing….like crazy! The intricate recipe makes for one of the tastiest drinks I’ve ever had! If only I had more of this!! 🙂 Absolutely loved it.


Organic tomatoes briefly soused in Pat Chun vinegar and white soy, clear marinated tomato water, Thai basil oil and NUR garden herbs and blossoms | These heirloom tomatoes were absolutely delightful, soaked in clear marinated tomato water. Each tomato has a different sweet, pleasant and delicious taste. So fresh, light and satisfying. It has all the taste, but without any of the fat…LOVED IT!


Oyster | Gillardeau oyster, cucumber, wasabi | Gillardeau oyster gently warmed in its own juices, served with light cucumber & wasabi juice | These oysters are poached are served hot. The texture of the oyster is amazing. So juicy, tender and savoury! Absolutely light and refreshing!


The masterful chefs preparing masterpieces of food!! The food presentation is top notch!! <3


Zen Organic lettuces, garden vegetables, Périgord black truffle dressing, aged Parmesan, Shaved crisp raw vegetables, toasted sourdough croutes, parmesan cream. This salad is simply lovely. It’s light, simple and full of flavour. The leafy vegetables, the crunchy vegetables, soft parmesan and crunchy crisp bread went nicely together.


Organic salmon cured with dill and lemon zest. Local organic slowly baked beetroot lightly pickled, home smoked cultured cream, fresh dill| The salmon was just on the edge of raw- but it was lightly poached. The salmon meat was soft, smooth and juicy. The beautiful beetroots not only a nice splash of colour to the already colourful dish- but added just the right amount of texture, flavour and taste!


Home baked mixed grain and seeded sourdough bread & mushroom butter | OH MY!!! This home baked sourdough bread was a quick hot pick for all of us! We savoured the nourishing chunk of bread and please please please…..scrape on a generous portion of the mushroom butter! IT IS SUPERB!!!


Eggs & Grains!! One of my (if not my) favourite dishes of the night!! Slow poached egg- the egg yolk was perfectly runny, bright orange and creamy! Pop it and blend it in with the mixed grain mushroom porridge- so simple!! But this hot bed of warm creamy grains practically lights up all your taste buds! Finish off the dish with roasted Shiitake mushrooms, garlic, and chives: and you have got yourself my favourite dish! After writing this- this wins: Hands down!


Smoked Stockyard Wagyu cheek, black garlic, Kai-lan 48-hour slow-cooked stockyard Wagyu beef cheek, smoked with apple wood, Black garlic purée, pickled shallots, Kai-lan, toasted garlic; beef juices | This delicious (melt in your mouth/ melt at the touch of the knife) was amazing! So soft, tender and succulent! Each wagyu cheek piece was drenched in the natural beef juices, black pepper and smoky apple wood flavour. It has all the taste but none of the guilt! I didn’t feel overstuffed at all….and just wanted more.


Strawberry Sorbet & Creme Fraiche Ice Cream,  Jasmine & Granite | OMG….so the crème fraîche ice cream was the perfect ending to the night, and it was a match made in heaven with the smooth strawberry ice! Absolutely addictive….I killed the whole thing!

HATS off to ALL the chefs! You bet I’ll be back! Make your booking now…because this restaurant is sure to be fully booked in no time!! <3 Love how after such a feast- I didn’t feel too overly full, bloated or have food coma! <3 Nourishing Gastronomy …indeed.

NUR | 3/F, Lyndhurst Tower, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central | 2871 9993

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<3 Always, Jess