House of Prime Rib

SF eats edition (post) ….continues! Get ready for some food coma inducing or hunger inducing feelings…BE WARNED. Take a read at my Airplane Eats tooo (HK-> SF post)


Checking out some Home Decor at Wilco…beforehand…then…


AN EARLY DINNER at….House of Prime Rib. Lets pause…and let me tell you about this gem of a spot. House of Prime Rib…is a gem, no a landmark in San Francisco. Known for their ginormous cut of marbled and aged cuts of the best prime rib (their site boasts they serve the best 2% prime rib and that its made from the highest quality corn-fed beef available.) done in a simple traditional English style and serving happy and stuffed diners every night of the week since 1949. Located in Nob Hill, HOPR is roaring with people even at 5pm. As you walk into the dimly lit restaurant…its amazing to see how packed, full of laughter, full of food everyone is.


Which cut will it be? As they seat you- you are able to order just exactly what you want. The manner of the cut and how you want it cooked. Be warned….you can get seconds….ON anything. Including your cut of prime rib (they do serve you a smaller second piece) AND any second helpings of the fixings….. !!! (More on that in a bit.)


Warm bread to start the night. Its a huge piece. Bigger than the size of my face!!!


This room would later be decked out by the San Francisco 49ers players!!!! As we were leaving….the players were rolling in!!!


Every cut gets a freshly mixed side salad (and when I say side salad…its an American sized side salad…entree size!)


Ta Da! They mix and serve everyone right before your eyes!


Ooooooh…..King Henry VII cut: extra-generous, thick cut of prime beef, for king size appetites. US$42.85 = HK$335...with BONE! This wasn’t mine…but look at that delicious prime rib!!!!!!! Sorry about this post…for those vegetarian/vegan readers!


Your fixings- either mashed potato or BAKED POTATO (which was what I went with! Loaded with chives, sour cream and lots and lots of bacon!)


My cut!! The House of Prime Rib Cut. US$39.85. = HK$311. HK$Hearty, juicy, delectable and drenched in a perfect au jus sauce! Finish it off with a side of creamed corn (so gooooood) and a side of yorkshire pudding! My lack of pictures means I was halfway into devouring it before I realized I forgot to snap a picture!! Whoops.

House of Prime Rib, 1906 Van Ness Ave.San Francisco, CA 94109

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<3 Always, Jess