How to Eat Out on a Diet: Inagiku

Why…you’ve come to the right place…. 🙂 I’m on a diet- lifestyle change (post). And, I’ve actually been eating mostly at home. ESPECIALLY for breakfasts (post) and lunches (post). There’s just too much food temptations when you go out to eat. My breakfasts and lunches have become quite routine. Veggie heavy, protein, and hot lemon water! (LOADS of it!) Keep hydrated folks!


Hello there!! Thank you so much for reading! Are you on a weight loss journey too!? Because I am. 🙂 Don’t worry..Remember…THINGS take time. (Note to self and you) Don’t rush it. Make mini changes every day! 🙂 Since eating clean(er), I’ve been feeling lighter, better, and brighter.

The other day my lovely cousins, Cissy Jie, Yu Jie, and some girl friends dined at Inagiku. Inagiku post can be read here. And, Let me show you HOW to eat healthier when your dining out! Hong Kong is a foodie haven for most. Endless choices everywhere. But you can eat healthy.


1) NEVER go hungry…have a pre-snack beforehand…to tide you over. Here, we have some mini snacks before dinner!


2) PICK FRESH FOODS. Sashimi is a great option when dining out. its fresh, light, juicy and low in calories. Try and stay away from deeply fried, sauce-heavy, or too fatty dishes. Fresh Sashimi- Sea Urchin, Plump scallops, sweet shrimp, tuna, fatty tuna (otoro), and yellow tail sashimi!!! YUM.


But….if you do….. 3) EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. Enjoy everything. When I dine out…rather than devouring everything in sight. Have a piece, two pieces of tempura or what you like…Life is to short not to enjoy everything. Don’t ever deprive yourself of anything! 🙂 Tempura Set: Shrimp, Fish, Chestnuts, pumpkin, and sweet potato! 


4) SOUPS are good! LOADED with fresh veggies. (This is actually an udon noodles one…but remember, everything in moderation!)

5) Just enjoy yourself, your meal, your company. Eat slow and savour your food!!

JESS’ TIP: If you over indulge on one meal. That’s fine. Just make sure you get back into eating clean the next time you do eat!! 🙂  Eat slow and savour your food!!


No desserts for me at Inagiku…figured the above was true 😉 Kidding! HAHA I was pretty full… 🙂

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Please feel free to leave me comments, questions, feedbacks…anything!! New things are in store!! 😀 WATCH OUT WORLD.

<3 Always, Jess