How’s Teakha II?

Teakha II is just around the corner from Hong Kong University and its opened up by Nana Chan, the restauranteur behind the beloved Teakha in Sheung Wan. I was thrilled to finally go try it one afternoon. The space is spacious, hip and clean (with similar theme, color and vibes like Teakha.) The food and drinks are just as good as Teakha but I was really disappointed by the service.

The story. Teakha II has a rule that during the peak hours you have to order a drink or food within 2 hours. Jie, my cousin and I went one afternoon on Sunday. It was quite busy but there were a few seats opened. Sis ordered extra food and drinks after an hour or so and I was really surprised by the service and the way they asked us me to leave if we don’t order more…. :/ They didn’t ask anyone else but me, even though we noticed a few other people didn’t even order any extra food or drinks. It’s a shame because I really like going to Teakha in Sheung Wan.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 12.32.44 PM

The Teakha in Sheung Wan is one of my go to brunch spots…I loveeee the vibe and especially the iced chai marsala tea!


Teakha II has great options for food. They offer this delicious oozing grilled cheese with pesto, and ham. I had two bites and wanted more.


We also got scones a bit later. I’ve always been a fan of their pastries and scones! Working away in there.


Roselle Scones for us!! It went great with a hot steaming cup of tea. 🙂


I wanted to try these all. Perhaps the service was just having an off day….I’ve never had a problem at the Sheung Wan Teakha…so who knows!? I think from now on I’ll just stick to the Teakha in Sheung Wan if anything.

Teakha II, 18 Po Tuck Street, Sai Ying Pun i-want-to-have-a-good-body-but-not-as-much-as-i-want-dessert-quote-1

Lots of <3, Jess