How’s the Pasta at Pici Hong Kong?

I had been wanting to try out Pici ever since I saw the first picture of the charming pasta bar/shop in the cosy neighborhood of Star Street in Wan Chai. The successful Pici now has two branches- one being the original shop in the charming Star Street area and one larger branch in Central. Finally one evening we went over to the Wan Chai branch to get a taste for ourselves! I had just finished doing a Venus Legacy facial treatment at Cosmetic Central in the M88 building and was starving. So how’s the pasta at Pici Hong Kong? Let’s find out.

It was bustling on a Sunday night but we managed to get two counter seats upstairs! We immediately looked at the simple but straightforward menu and started ordering. I was super hungry. Homemade meatballs (pork, beef,tomato sauce and parmesan) for HK$90 came up first. The taste was nice but I had to say I was a lil’ disappointed at the presentation.

Next up was the burrata cheese with tomato, basil and rocket salad leaves for HK$95. This was a nice lil’ starter.

We came for the pastas…so we were excited of whats to come.

Tagliolini with shallots, white truffle pasta and fresh shaved black truffle for HK$160. The tagliolini was lovely and fresh. The smell was heavenly and we instantly devoured it.

What came next was a big disappointment though. I had seen their pappardelle dish all over Instagram and was really looking forward to trying it……..

The menu stated…Pappardelle with beef cheek ragu slow cooked for 8 HOURS with onion, carrot and celery for HK$140….and this was what we got….

First, it looked nothing like it did in any other IG picture and we were kind of surprised a restaurant would serve this as it looked like a half eaten pasta/ plain pasta with some sprinkle of parmesan. 🙁 Where was the beef cheek ragu slow cooked for 8 hours? Where was the sauce?

We asked them to take it back to the kitchen before we got THIS dish:

This dish was simply delicious. Sauce was great, beef ragu was fantastic. The pasta was nice and hearty. However, it was just disappointing to have the first dish come out to us…. really not sure what happened there. :/

As you can see…. a BIG difference.

We finished off the night with a tiramisu, HK$55. Hits and misses at Pici but maybe I came on an off night? I’ll still come back to try it again just hope they work on the presentation.

Pici | GF, No. 16 St. Francis Yard, Wanchai, Hong Kong | t: 852 2755 5523

Lots of <3, Jess