I Love Breakfast!

It’s the most important meal….period. 🙂 (OK, i’m biased)


I love me some waffles, pancakes, toasts, eggs, bacon…the list goes on and on.

HOLY MOLY. I WISH!!!!!!!! 😉

Well for the past two days…I’ve been on a breakfast kick, for EVERY SINGLE MEAL!! 

The meal that started it all. Ever since I had this at Cafe O, I’ve had toast and eggs at pretty much every other meal!

Cafe O Brunch- Toast and Eggs
Home toasted Lunch- Toast, Egg Scramble
Home toasted/cooked Breakfast Toast and Eggs 😉 I could get used to this
Cafe O Dinner- Toast and Eggs….
Which new and hip restaurant made these? why Cafe J 🙂 The chef would be me!! 😀 

So do you guys ever go through these phases? Whats your go-to breakfast meal?
Think I know what I’m eating next… 😉


<3 Always, Jess