Ichiran Ramen Finally Opens in HK!

Post-working one afternoon…I was in Causeway Bay…when I remembered…ICHIRAN Ramen is also located in the same place. I thought to myself….are the crazy lines true? Is it really THAT long? And, is this Ichiran ramen any good!? 

Well…folks. All the above are Yes. YES. And Oh, Yes.

I hustled over around 3pm…and still had to wait about 40 minutes for a seat. (Which I’ve been told I’m very lucky…)  36 seats in the place. You do the math. When I finally did make my order… (explained below) the staff were friendly, polite, and re-assured me 40 minutes was indeed considered very fast. 

Jess’ Tip: If you want noodles without the wait…there’s oodles of other noodles places I really like and highly recommend!!


Torimen (post) has awesome noodles and have won a place in my heart!! BONUS: I love the yakitori there too!!!


Marugame (post) was pretty darn good!! In TST!!


Ramen IROHA (post)!!! Another ramen place I REALLY LIKE!!! Also, in Causeway Bay!!!! YUMMY….

Ichiran 天然豚骨拉麵專門店一蘭 of Japan fame finally opened their first international store in Hong Kong!!!  And its opened at ALL HOURS….. you can eat ramen at any given time of the day…24 HOURS!!! I LIKE THAT.

Jess’ Tip: If you want to beat the heat, the line and the wait...I highly recommend going on their NON-peak hours…in the AM…whether it be from 1AM-7am!!! (You may be sitting next to some drunkies though!) They say the lines start pouring in around 7am….AGAIN! Woah. So, choose wisely.


Kae-Dama (noodle refill) is the culture of Hakata Ramen. At ICHIRAN you don’t need to raise your voice to order one thanks to ICHIRAN’s Original System. Place your Kae-Dama Ordering Plate on the call-button placed in front of you at your counter space. A special melody will sound and your server will arrive to take your order”…COOOL!!!!!


Jess’ Tip: It’s a self ordering service.1) Buy a Meal Ticket 2) Find an Empty Seat (which this cool machine tells you when there’s a vacant seat. 3) Fill out a form. What would you like to have customized especially for you! 4)Press Button to Call the Staff  5) ENJOY by yourself!!! This isn’t a place to gather with friends/to have long chit-chats over a steaming bowl of hot ramen…you sit by yourself, in cubicles…..facing your lovely bowl of ramen….Get in. Get out. 😉 

Ramen Egg

Nom Nom…NOM! The guy next to me was kind enough to let me snap a shot of hers..(it included the half cooked eggs!!) Darn…need to go back and get the eggs!!! Not sure why I didn’t add one in mine!!!!


I ordered the Classic Tonkatsu Ramen w/ the original SPICY red sauce….The pork bone broth was beyond words!! SOOOO GOOD. The pork was slightly sweet, and the homemade ramen noodles were full of flavour and texture!! Needless to say…I wish I had some more… :/ The pic soooooo doesn’t do this place ANY justice.

My phone was at 1 percent battery…so these were the only two shots I got!!!

But I WILL be back…at 3 in the morning… 😉 to beat the line… You can also find my review on OPEN RICE!! 🙂




Have a great weekend everyone!!!

ICHIRAN Shop H & I, Ground Floor, Lockhart House, Block A, 440 Jaffe Road, Cause Way Bay 銅鑼灣謝斐道440號駱克大廈A座地下H及I舖 2152 4040

 <3 Always, Jess