Imasa situated comfortably in The Peninsula has been a staple of Japanese fine dining. So one lunch we set out to try it….my company decided to let me choose…and since I was the only one who haven’t tried it yet- that’s where we went! Like I said situated next to The Peninsula’s resident Chinese fine dining restaurant: Spring Moon; Imasa was relatively empty when we first arrived. 🙂 They have an extensive menu and there is a lot of choices and I went with their lunch menu sets! (During dinner is their endless Japanese buffet option!)


Pre-Appetizer: A nice fig, bean curd gelatin in a sesame sauce


Simple Spring Salad w/ salmon sashimi


Uni Tempura/Shisho: We ordered these babies!! And they were pretty awesome, but I still prefer uni in its purest form! It was pretty good though. Very nice, hot, crispy and crunchy!


Wagyu Beef Steak Don Lunch Set! Yummy-ness <3 Mushroom stir-fry, wagyu beef steak, egg custard (in the blue bowl), Japanese seafood teapot soup, and a bowl of fragrant fried rice.


The wagyu beef was steak strips were sooooo heavenly. Buttery, milky soft and it really did melt in your mouth. The fried rice was the perfect counterpart! And very much needed to cut in with the fattiness of the steak pieces.


Yuzu Sorbet, it was nice, light and fresh.


Finished off lunch with a delicious cup of Iced Lemon tea! 😀

Imasa, 1/F, The Peninsula Hong Kong, 19-21 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui: 2696 6715



<3 Always, Jess