In N Out

In N Out Burgers are splashed across the West Coast. Its one of my biggest cravings…FOR SURE from So Cal! In N Out has been mentioned as one of my TOP foods of 2014...but its probably on my top foods. EVER. If your traveling to the States- make sure you put this on your travel To-try places!


I HAVE to eat it every time I go back. It belongs on my BEST BURGERS POST! Just look at this beauty. This is the Double Double (double beef patties) with loaded cheese, grilled onions, tomato, lettuce and sandwiched in between two lightly crisp and soft hamburger buns. AMAZE-BALLS.

Look at it in all its glory. It just brings back great memories of home! <3


I went with a friend and caught up over all of THAT. Some regular fries as well as an Animal style fries- which is from their NOT-SO-SECRET menu! Check out their secret menu HERE. You can get a lot of different combos, takes and make sure you try their to die for milk shakes.


In N Out...I thank you.


Now…I really need to find a burger joint that rivals this! Any place in HK you feel stands a chance?!

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<3 Always, Jess