Happy Birthday Cissy Jie!

My cousin, Cissy Jie, who also gave me the idea for a blog just celebrated her birthday last weekend! 🙂 So we all went to Inagiku at Four Seasons for a delicious birthday dinner! Thanks Cissy Jie! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Happy Birthday Cissy Jie <3

SO, back to FOOD! I love me some Japanese Food…and Inagiku is TOPS in my list 🙂

Why hello there! 🙂 Tempura-there’s more from where this is coming from 😉
Genko Beans
Hotaru Squid, Nagaimo Taro, Fresh Tomato, Gyoja Garlic

Dom Pérignon champagne

Kyoto Banboo Shoot Sushi, Snapper & Sakura Leaf Sushi

Sashimi Platter-Mix of Prime Tuna, Yellowtail, Sweet Shrimp, Ark Shell
Jie and the tempura master working his magic!
Chestnut (it’s my favorite tempura dish..sweet on its own!

There’s actually a lot more tempura dishes( shrimp, fish, sweet potato, and pumpkin!) But thought that may be too much of a photo overload! 

Tempura Master 🙂 What a nice guy!
Abalone Teppanyaki
Fried Rice w/ Pickles
Wagyu Beef Teppanyaki w/ Garlic chips and red repper

Cova Bday Cake- Dark Chocolate slice 🙂 Rich and moist!
Fruit- Honeydew, Strawberry
The happy and beautiful family! Happy Birthday Cissy Jie! (Sorry no pics with Didi, he was moving too much) :/

It was a really great night to spend with family and friends! And, I’m glad I’m in HK and get the chance to celebrate with you, Cissy Jie! Your truly an amazing woman and role model. Love you.

Inagiku 2805-0600- reservations required
Podium 4, Four Seasons Hotel, 
8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong

So, what was your favorite dish? What do you order at a Japanese restaurant? 

<3 Always, Jess