iPOT 一鍋…the shabu shabu expert. What a great idea!! You couldn’t imagine my excitement over this place. In the States, I used to always go to these ‘One pot’ per person places!! But in HK I haven’t seen anything like this …until NOW! I went to One Pot near Tai Hang!

How it works…you pick which soup base you want (there’s 5 different broths to choose from), what type of meat choice (beef, pork, etc-there’s higher quality cuts for a higher price….after your first pick, you can get seconds or thirds of meat at a lower cost) and then unlimited drinks/sauce/veggies….OMG. The food itself is average, but a fun spot. But after the “steal” you think your getting…it gets pretty pricey. Definitely adds up.


The lighting’s not the best eh? Right…smack dab on my forehead. Sigh. Anyway……my personal mini hotpot! I chose a sukiyaki base. I’m still in awe of this place.


Pick what you want to (add) eat! A buffet…whatever you want!! There’s fish balls, veggies, assortment of awesome hot pot additions!


Casual space! It was after 9pm, and the tables were still pretty packed on a Monday evening.


Lots of stars, celebrities have dined here! More fresh veggies!! <3 I LOVE THAT


UNLIMITED DRINKS! In those awesome classic bottles.


We got the premium beef cut, with a Hoikkado milk cream & mines Sukiyaki (it looks intense…but it wasn’t! Perfect)


Pot’s a buzzing! Sukiyaki & loads & loads of mushrooms!


We had three extra orders of beef afterwards!!


But it all comes down to the sauce…Make your own sauce station- ROCKS!

iPot | G/Floor 11 Lau Li Street, Tin Hau, Hong Kong | 2111 1241

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<3 Always, Jess