Is Bibo Worth It?

I’ve walked past the front entrance of Bibo numerous times. Each time I glance at the dark teal tiled walls, flashy gold and bronze door and awkwardly smile at the intimidating bouncer that is always standing at the doorway. Finally, I got to try out Bibo for myself. The space is big- lined with murals, graffiti and really cool art displayed all along and around the restaurant.


The artwork inside this French restaurant is pretty damn awesome- one of the most famous art pieces being the giant Kaws sculpture that’s lurking in the middle of the dining space.

The menu had a ton of variation on classic French dishes but be warned it is expensive.


Sourdough bread was immediately placed in front of us.


The amuse bouche was terrific. What a great start to the evening. This take on onion soup with fresh crab meat was superb. I licked the entire shot glass clean and it was the best decision I made. It was freaking fantastic! (Bibo, can you please make this one of their items on the menu!)


Fun cocktails were also a highlight! Strong, fruity and delicious!


This take on G&T was my favorite cocktail blended with 5 different citrus juice to make it super refreshing and delicious. Can you see that giant pink ice cube in the glass….it’s shaped like a skull!


We ordered their signature starter- Le Pate En Croute HK$360 which is homemade terrine, foie gras from Les Landes with pistachio and pork belly. The portion was surprisingly big which actually made this dish TOO much. The pate was so much that it became a bit overbearing and too powerful.


We also ordered a bowl of their pan fried crayfish, mixed vegetables and lobster bisque for HK$340. I was a bit disappointed by how small the portion was and also the lobster bisque was way too salty. The broth was very rich but think it definitely had too much salt in it.


This main dish was done really nicely though. The staff was nice enough to let us have the pigeon from the tasting menu. The Pigeon was perfectly pink in the middle with a nice glaze and sear! Only problem was I wanted more. The portion was a bit small but absolutely delicious.


I picked the pan- fried sea bass with cherry tomatoes, white asparagus, and jerusalem artichoke puree at HK$480 which came recommended by the staff and I have to say it was underwhelming. The sea bass was super under seasoned :/ and for HK$480 was quite disappointing.


The cheese selection HK$150 was really good! Fragrant, appetizing and rich. img_9131

Last but not least was the petit fours! I have to say I think I had way too high expectations for Bibo…so it was a bit underwhelming. Overall, Bibo definitely had a mix of hits and misses for me. The price was also quite high. I did love the vibe, company and cocktails though!

Bibo | G/F, 163 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan | 2956 3188


Lots of <3, Jess